Dru Musgrove
Interested in Senior Customer Success & Intermediate Sales roles
I'm just like a shark in the ocean. A great sign of a healthy ecosystem and a commander of attention.

Did you know that sharks are the number one sign of a thriving ecosystem? Not only are they apex predators that keep everyone in check, but they inspire smart design, hold secrets to cure diseases and even boost local economies. I know I may have grown up simple on a modest farm in North Carolina, but I find most value in conservation of our oceans these days. I'm just like a shark, I'll command attention while working my best for you and your company.

I'm passionate about helping businesses thrive. I've had experience in police, fire and medical government agencies as well as non for profits, small start ups and everything in between. I can be an asset to your team or lead them to victory.

What I bring to the tide pool:

  • Excellent communication skills and buyer rapport
  • Proven tactics on writing effective emails that get opened and get responses
  • Smart, edgy graphic design based on company branding
  • Science-Based Sales® methodologies proven to complete any pipeline
  • Experience in over 20+ Lead Gen Tools, CRMs and productivity programs

If you are in search of someone with positive energy and an endless drive to make your business a success, I'm your shark.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Work Experience

Aquatics Coordinator - YMCA

> 5 years

Manage the aquatics department's activities and staff Hire, train,manage and terminate staff Coach swim team, water rescue course, lifeguard course, CPR course, swim instructor course, water fitness course, Head Coach for Special Olympics Swim Team Create work schedule for over 25 employees bi-weekly

911 Dispatcher Trainer - Buncombe County Sheriff Office

3 years

Answer and triage emergency calls Dispatch officers to events Instruct civilians life saving techniques Train new hires and develop training manual Manage multiple computer programs and systems with different government agencies

Customer Service Rep Tier II - Life Extension

2 years

Managing Wholesale Training new staff using multiple CRMS Continuing education for fellow team members on a monthly basis Creating company's webpage via Sharepoint monthly Sales, design, marketing and health education of vitamins and supplements

Virtual Marketing Assistant - Mage Creates

> 5 years

Manage social media posts according to client's brand Manage business emails for clients Create graphics for social media and events Create excel spreadsheets for client's budget Proofread documents Write blogs, research data and manage trends Train all staff on project deadlines, project management

CEO - Captain& Siren

4 years

I created a unique propriety blend of beard care products. I built my company website and sold products online using a customized sales funnel which increased sales by 47%. I operated marketing, sales, web development and brand abassadors/wholesale. I managed a small company with 8 employees.

Sales Development Analyst

3 months

  • IDS is a cloud computing technology firm that provides health information management software as a service.

  • Focused on automating all aspects of healthcare delivery, IDS offers a suite of mission-critical applications, customized workflows and integration services through its platform, AbbaDox Cloud, to enable healthcare organizations to transition to real-time health systems.

Tech Stack








Facebook Ads Manager


LinkedIn Sales Navigator












Personality Type


Understands how to fix people’s most difficult problems. Always moving forward with solutions even in the face of major obstacles and challenges.

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