Hey there, I'm Eliana Rose

I help companies build foundations in which they can make a profitable future.


Hi, I'm Eliana! I love to use my skills to help startups achieve their goals. In 2016 I co-founded Childbox and helped grow the company as well as fundraise. I've also taught ESL, and am the founder of Orinoco, a storybook brand for children. Throughout my career, I've gained experience in operations, sales, customer service, and human resources. My top three skills are:

-Organization. I'm a master of calendars and other organizational tools for keeping people in my team updated about each task.

-Resourcefulness. I love coming up with effective ways to maintain budgets and save money.

-Effective communication. I'm great at communicating solutions and ideas to both our customers and our team. And I once pitched our company on Shark Tank!

I have a strong drive for getting work done efficiently, on time, and meeting goals.

If you need someone on your team that has these skills, then let's talk!

Personality Type
Bridges the gap between vision and execution. The one people turn to when they need something done and don’t know how to make it happen.
Dallas, TX, or remote


Au Pair
1 year
Accomplishments: -I efficiently took care of three kids at the same time for one year, keeping them safe during all the time I worked with them. -I helped the kids to improve their Spanish, teaching them new vocabulary and everyday expressions for having better communication. Job description: As an Au pair, I was responsible for providing childcare for a family client. Some of my daily tasks included: -To create processes of routines that provided safe environments for the kids. -Meal preparation. -Help them to get ready for going to school. -Take the kids to their schools and to pick them up. -To do the kids' laundry and organizing their clothes and toys. -Helping the children with their homework. -Taking them to some sports/art classes during the week. -Play and have fun with the kids. -Teach them and help them to learn Spanish.
Founder, Content Creator and Writer of Orinoco
6 months
Orinoco is a storybook brand that I created, and I recently launched it. These books help children to learn about areas like science, engineering, art, literature, history, and general culture. At the same time, the characters and situations of the stories help them to develop different social and cognitive skills. The stories are written with an engaging and fun style and take the kids to explore different worlds, expanding their imagination.
Co-founder and COO of Childbox
2 years
During the time I co-founded and worked in this Startup, I took different roles and I did different tasks, some of them were: -Organized office transition from paper invoice to QuickBooks. -Managed two employees (industrial designer and graphic designer). -Oversaw quality control. -Answered customer's concerns and solved problems related to deliveries. -Supported the marketing department creating content to be shared on social networks. -Write storybooks associated with the theme of each box. -Gave feedback and helped to create some products and the content of our website.
ESL Teacher, Universidad Católica Luis Amigó
2 years
Accomplishments: -My methodology successfully helped my students to transition from English level A1 to A2 in a time frame of one year. -Students passed at a rate of 98% Responsibilities: -I created lessons and educational materials for teaching English as a second language to undergraduate students. -I prepared tests for grading students' learning processes during courses.
ESL Teacher, Colombo Americano
1 year
Accomplishments: -I successfully taught English lessons to 40 students helping them to transition from English level A2 to B1 during the course. -At the end of the course, my students improved their speaking and writing skills at a rate of 70% compared to the proficiency of their abilities when they started the course. Responsibilities: At this institution I had an ESLT role, my responsibilities were very similar to the ones I had at Universidad Católica Luis Amigó, they included the creation of lessons and educational materials for teaching English and preparation of tests for grading students' learning processes.
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