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Crashers are the entry-level cream of the crop: curious, resourceful, and eager to prove themselves as they launch their careers.

Use Crash to hire for growth trajectory, not y-axis.
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“Resumes over-emphasize name-brand credentials (e.g. Stanford grad, ex-Facebook engineer.

The bigger opportunity in recruiting and building a strong team is finding motivated, talented people that didn’t come from those networks.”

– Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, on Product Hunt

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Job seekers use Crash to show their work, personality, and specific interest in your culture, mission, and product.

Typeform pitch by job seeker Kasen Wysong
Ware2Go pitch by job seeker Maxine Cox

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“The moment I saw him flipping off a trampoline, I knew I wanted to hire him.”

Nick Black, Founder & CEO, on LinkedIn

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“We would have spent endless hours, days, weeks sorting through terrible Indeed resumes, working our own hiring funnel process, and interviewing. Isaac and his team at Crash are on to something BIG.”

David Kirby, Founder, on Product Hunt

“The bigger opportunity in recruiting and building a strong team is finding motivated, talented people that didn't come from those networks [Facebook, Standford, etc.].”

Ryan Hoover, on Product Hunt

Common Questions

💁 Who are job seekers on Crash?


Job seekers on Crash are the ambitious, creative, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer kinds of professionals who are willing to invest into themselves and the companies they work for.
They come from all walks of life, and often from top career bootcamps like these:

General Assembly
Lambda School

👋 Why pitches? I want to see a resume.


Pitches make it easier for you to review a candidate’s real-world abilities and personality, where resumes and applications fall short. You learn more about a person, in less time, from a well-crafted pitch.
Beyond that, the candidate’s pitch will show you everything you’d see on a resume: past work experience, education, references, and more.

💰 How much does it cost to hire on Crash?


Crash is free to use until you make a hire. Once you find the perfect candidate, we’ll charge you a variable amount depending on your company size and funding status—never more than $1,500 per candidate. If you’re very early stage, or planning to hire a lot, we have discounts available.

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