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David Kirby, Founder, on Product Hunt

“We had quality candidates immediately, interviewing within a week, and identified an excellent applicant. I’m regularly recommending clients use Crash now.”

Harris Kenny, Principal @ Kenny Consulting Group, LLC

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The next wave of ambitious, talented hustlers are job hunting on Crash. The ones who aren’t just looking for any job, but the right job—at a company whose brand and values they love.

Job seekers use Crash to show their work, personality, and specific interest in your company’s culture, mission, and product.

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“The moment I saw him flipping off a trampoline, I knew I wanted to hire him.”

Nick Black, Founder & CEO, on LinkedIn

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“We reviewed several candidates' pitches, contacted our favorite two, made an immediate human connection to both, and picked the best fit one for our team. All within a week! And she has been a rock star.”

David Kirby, Founder, on Product Hunt