The best outplacement tool you can offer during layoffs.

Help your outgoing employees find and win their next role with Crash, the premium job hunting platform.
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“I tried spray and pray for 2 months — 10 apps per week. Started sending pitches and out of 7 pitches, I got 4 interviews and one job offer. Huge difference.

Maxine Cox

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What is Crash?

Crash is a powerful tool for job seekers to send targeted pitches to companies and manage their entire job hunt process. Our users get hired on average 4x faster than typical job seekers.

Here’s how it works for you.

You offer your outgoing employees a 6-month Crash membership.

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They receive unlimited access to Crash pitches
and job hunt management tools for 6 months.

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They get a VIP onboarding + career coaching session to help them get the best possible results with the platform.

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And they’re invited to our community of ambitious career-builders for feedback and support along the way.

It’s the most authentic job hunting has ever been,
and it’s working far better than the old way.

“It’s habitual for me to give up searching for candidates on other job posting sites. Crash is a breath of fresh air; it’s phenomenal to see the person behind the resume and what they're truly passionate about.”

Nicholas Merten, Founder & CEO @ Digifox

Give your employees the
best possible outplacement experience
with Crash.

They pay nothing.
You pay a one-time $60 fee per outgoing employee that joins Crash.

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