The best outplacement tool you can offer.

Help your clients find and win their next role with Crash, the premium job hunting platform.
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“I tried spray and pray for 2 months — 10 apps per week. Started sending pitches and out of 7 pitches, I got 4 interviews and one job offer. Huge difference.

Maxine Cox

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What is Crash?

Crash is a tool for serious job seekers who want to create stronger applications that stand out and get them hired faster.

Crashers get hired on average 10x faster than other job seekers.

Here’s how it works for you.

Give your outplacement clients a one-year Crash membership.

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They get a VIP onboarding + career coaching session to help them get the best possible results with the platform.

They discover growing companies that want to
hire problem-solvers, and bookmark them
to research more thoroughly later.

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They create beautiful video pitches for each company;
hiring managers can’t resist.

Designed for a general type of role, like Customer Success or Sales. This is far better than a generic resume full of bullet points:
two basic pitches for customer success and sales by Samantha Hembree on Crash
Targeted pitches are an even more powerful job hunting tool, because they are built to speak directly to a specific person at a specific company:
targeted video pitch from Samantha Hembree to Sales Hacker on Crash

“This is BY FAR the best and coolest application I’ve ever seen in over 20 years of reviewing applications. You absolutely blew me away and made my morning.”

– Recruiter, in an email to a Crasher

Get started

Display your clients in your own, white-labelled gallery, as well as the main Crash gallery.

Where employers can request pitches and interviews directly—which they prefer:

“It’s habitual for me to give up searching for candidates on other job posting sites. Crash is a breath of fresh air; it’s phenomenal to see the person behind the resume and what they’re truly passionate about.”

– Nicholas Merten, Founder & CEO @ Digifox

It’s the most authentic job hunting has ever been,
and it helps you scale your outplacement.

Give your clients the
best possible outplacement experience
with Crash.

Add Crash to your offerings for a one-time $30 fee per user. That’s it. The most cost-effective tool you can add to your kit.

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