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Common Questions

Is this real? How do I know Crash is legit?

Yep, we're a legitimate company based in South Carolina. We exist to help job seekers break the mold and show their skills in a new way. You can vet us on our Crunchbase profile or read some of our user reviews on Facebook.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

In order to be eligible for this offer, you must:

• Be a new Crash user
• Not be enrolled in—or graduated from—a Crash partner program
• Win your job offer using a Crash pitch, and
• Have a PayPal account

How long does it take to get a job offer?

That all depends on you! On average, job hunters using Crash get interviews in a week, and offers within two or three weeks. This is much faster than the traditional job application process, which averages over 90 days to hear back.

Crashers do it with quality, not quantity. You go deep on a handful of opportunities instead of spraying resumes all over the place.

But it's not easy. You've got to put in some work to find companies you care about, do some research, and put together a great pitch. We provide tools and guidance, but like anything good, you've got to get after it!

How do I get paid? And how much?

When you accept an offer won with a Crash pitch, shoot us the offer letter from your new employer. We'll confirm, and you'll get $100 USD via PayPal.

Why are you doing this?

The job hunt takes work. If you put in the effort to really do it well—and provide something companies can't ignore—you've created value by saving them the time and hassle wasted from digging through piles of boring applications. Why not get some of that value in cash?

We're confident that if you Crash the job hunt with tailored video pitches (instead of mass-applying with standard resumes and cover letters), you'll create a better ourcome for everyone. But doing things differently isn't easy, so we want to make it just a little more juicy by showing you it can pay in more ways than one!

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