Hey there, I'm Lawrence Segall

Looking to scale your product or solution? I use Science-Based Sales® to increase leads and win deals.


SDR | Pharmacist | Agency Founder | Former Working Musician

After founding an agency in the e-commerce industry while living in Brazil, I gravitated toward improving and honing my sales ability. I began to study a number of sales methodologies including SPIN® Selling and Sandler Training® to name a few. I discovered the preHIRED® system and the rest is history.

I am continually amazed at the amount of time and resources that can be saved by applying the principles of systematizing and automating sales processes. It’s almost a “superpower”.

I want to share these concepts with a company that is looking to hire an SDR. The preHIRED® system allows one to be both efficient at finding prospects as well as gaining clarity around the prospect's needs. During my training with preHIRED I learned:

  • Sales prospecting and lead generation
  • Pipeline management (CRM tools)
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Overcoming objections
  • Science-Based Sales® psychology
  • Automated followup sequences

One can never stop learning or improving. I will become a Sales Development Representative for an innovative tech company and within three years or less become a Sales Development Manager.

My side projects are improving my not-so-fluent Brazilian Portuguese and managing and marketing vacation rentals here in beautiful Palm Coast, FL.

Have a guitar? I might just pick it up and start riffing.

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Personality Type
Turns ideas into concrete plans and sets them in motion. Excellent at bringing chaotic situations into organized systems.
Palm Coast, FL, or remote


Founder and CEO @ Tsunami Click
3 years
Established an e-commerce consultancy that focuses on growing e-commerce companies’ revenues utilizing CRO (conversion rate optimization). Improved clients' top-line revenue an average of 23% over three months with multivariate testing techniques. Developed auditing process to find gaps in the companies' sales funnels. Proactively negotiated profitable contracts for all product lines and performed cold-calling/emailing to senior leadership to expand sales.
Clincal Pharmacist @ Moog Medical Devices Group
Organized "go-live" time lines for pump rollouts and software installation and training with key personnel in pharmacy and biomed departments at various hospitals and home care facilities. Provided extensive training and follow-up support for IV smart pump software (PLSS) to pharmacists and nurses, aided in the development of drug libraries. Collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to optimize drug library usage especially with PCA and TPN therapies, consulted with pharmacists to determine root cause analysis of IV medication errors. Managed training for sales representatives as well as hospital and home-care personnel on safe usage of Curlin IV pumps.
IV Pharmacist @ Pharmerica
2 years
Processed and evaluated IV therapy for LTC residents and high-risk pregnancy clients, including pharmacokinetic monitoring of antibiotics, TPN dosing calculations, IV compatibility and claims adjudication. Supervised the workflow of 7 pharmacy technicians as it pertains to compounding sterile product sand filling of IV ancillary orders. Ensured work was completed in a timely and accurate manner to meet daily deadlines.
preHIRED Sciece-Based Sales®
3 months
Studied and practiced implementing sales systems from preHIRED's Science-Based Sales® system. The preHIRED methodology covers all aspects of the sales development process: * Prospecting - generate high-quality sales leads. * Qualifying - ensure alignment between buyer and seller. * Discovering - understand the prospect's goals, challenges and ideal solutions. * Advising - uncover value, create urgency, remove barriers and close deals if there is a right fit between buyer and seller.

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