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The strongest pitches we’ve seen, from ambitious job seekers going above and beyond to win their next big career opportunity.


Pace Ellsworth’s pitch to Woebot

“I've been stalking your company since your A round. I only have eyes for you.”

Justin Harris’s pitch to Patreon

“I'm excited about developing my production skills and creating positive art with Jack as the next Content Producer at Patreon. Here's why in 90 seconds.”

Joel Bein’s pitch to James Clear

“I'm so excited about your Podcast Writer/Producer role, I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit.”

Emony Anderson’s pitch to BRILLIANT

“I'm so excited about your Creative Partner role, I made a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit”

Gregory Williamson’s pitch
to Chili Piper

“After dissecting Workable's sales funnel, I found a solution to convert more leads into paying customerswant to do the same for you.”

Trey Sherrard’s pitch to
The Farmer’s Dog

“About a year ago, I got a puppy. And that puppy turned into a dog. A big dog who eats a lot of food.”

Kasen Wysong’s pitch to Typeform

“This highlights reel shows I can work with product and marketing teams, delight customers, and take initiative.”

Caedyn Wheeler’s pitch
to Show Me Institute

“I'd love to discuss how I can reach new audiences and create value with the message of Show Me Institute.”


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