Heather Drabant
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Operations roles
I’m here to create the same memorable experience people look for in a story or book they can’t put down and apply it to your brand and customer experience.

Hey, I'm Heather. I taught myself to re-design a website with WordPress in under a month, I’m a content creator who blogged every day for 31 days, I have design skills in Canva, and I'm full of enthusiasm and tenacity.

Adding me to your team gets you:

  • Quality content creation with contagious energy

  • Dynamic ideas for growth and improved systems

  • Adaptable writing skills

  • Flexibility in most any area

  • Solid and reliable communication

  • A memorable experience for your existing customers and new leads

Sound like something you’re looking for? Let’s get in touch, and get to work.

Excited to relocate anywhere in United States
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Work Experience

Customer satisfaction and grunt work - Just Between Friends

4 years

In this position my responsibilities included:

• Customer service in the form of directing patrons to items and answering questions

• Maintaining organization of products and creating displays

• Keeping the ground clear of merchandise and/or clearing spills

• Putting signs up for directions, sections, and information

Merchandise overseer - Collective Goods

3 years

In this position my responsibilities included:

• Maintaining work space

• Handling merchandise

• Stocking shelves

• Packing bins with display items

• Being the sole employee and getting everything done on time, every time

Cashier - Safeway

1 year

My responsibilities in this role are:

• Providing excellent customer service (answering questions, giving directions, making valuable conversation, giving instructions with clarity, etc.)

• Maintaining work space

• Handling tense situations with ease and confidence

• Being versatile by moving from one register to watching six at Self-Checkout

• Clear intercom requests

• Being up to date on new policies, procedures, and regulations

• Keeping track of ads, sales, and digital coupons


Informational piece - Client content creation

This piece shows another layer of my writing and is an example of the work I did for Elevate Family Chiropractic last month.

Link: https://elevateroswell.com/pediatric-chiropractic-care-is-it-necessary/

Marketing Project - Pivoting with changing goals successfully

This rundown of how my first marketing project went showcases my ability to pivot and keep my pace under uncertain circumstances.

Link: http://www.heatherdrabant.com/nov-2019-project-updates/pivoting-with-projects/

Fiction Writing - Publication and successful collaboration

This project shows a layer of versatility in my writing. The story included in this anthology is the first of my work to be published.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Band-Misfits-Adventure-High-Seas-ebook/dp/B07CJXRNJN/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2OQR6Y72UI8O9&keywords=band+of+misfits+adventure+on+the+high+seas&qid=1568652314&sprefix=Band+of+misfits+%2Caps%2C373&sr=8-1

Inspiration based thought piece - Teamwork in revisions

My blog post writing abilities tie directly into my drive to connect with people and have impact.

Link: https://discoverpraxis.com/the-value-of-failure/

30 (Nay, 31) Days of Blogging - Completion

This project displays my strong follow through skills and my devotion to learning something new everyday, and discovering better, more effective systems.

Link: http://www.heatherdrabant.com/daily-blogs/is-blogging-for-thirty-days-straight-worth-it/

How I Stay Organized - Project Management

This blog post provides a look into how I stay on top of my responsibilities and projects.

Link: http://www.heatherdrabant.com/daily-blogs/5-ways-to-reframe-your-overflowing-to-do-list/

Personality Type


Carefully considers and crafts the things they work on. Sweats the details even if no one else sees them. Precise, and takes pride in their work.

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Awesome tech stack. I loved checking out your website! Fantastic quality.

2 mo. ago

Thank you so much, Ian! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

2 mo. ago
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