How to write a bio that works

Your bio is your first sales pitch to someone you’re connecting with. It’s a very brief summary of why you’re impressive and why you’re worth engaging.

A good bio is short—two to five sentences—and punchy. It conveys only the most bare-bones, important information about who you are, what you’re good at, and what you do. It’s halfway introduction and half sales pitch.

Don’t worry if you find this exercise intimidating—that’s normal! Conveying information about yourself is hard. We’re going to walk you through a few different exercises before you create the final version, so you’ll have plenty of time to finalize your pitch—and it’s always something you can go back and change later.

If you get stuck creating your bio, a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What value did you create in your past experiences? How did you make the company/organization you were working with (if applicable) better?
  • What are you better at in a professional context than anyone else?
  • What responsibilities in your past experiences were easiest for you? That often indicates what you have an aptitude for.

Once you’ve created your bio, check it against this checklist:

  • Is your bio two to five sentences in length?
  • Do you share your top skills?
  • Do you reference past working experiences or experiences that showcase your skills?
  • Is everything explained clearly, and in an easy-to-read format?
  • Is all grammar and spelling correct? (If you’re not sure, run it through Grammarly).
  • If you were a hiring manager, would you be excited to learn more after reading this bio?