What to include in your work history section

Updated over a week ago

What you've done is a strong indicator of what you're capable of! But you don't need a long history with tons of professional experience to prove what you can do. Even a project, internship, or summer job or two help show you can stick with something, put in work, and create value.

Don't try to puff up your experience to make it look better than it is! Instead, pick the three things you've done that best highlight the traits and skills relevant to your next step.


  • If you've had paid jobs, definitely list at least one of them. These tend to prove more than just volunteer work or side projects.
  • Don't be embarrassed by work you think isn't super cool! Sometimes working hard washing dishes with a positive attitude is more impressive than more flashy stuff.
  • If you have a lot more than three work experiences, just pick those that best represent your professional story arc.
  • If you have little to no experience at all, list at least one thing you've done that proves your ability to get stuff done! (Could be "Mowed my parents' lawn".)

Don't stress too much about your work history. This is a way for hirers to see how your skills and projects might fit into your previous experience, see a general progression in your career, and see that you have finished things in the past. If it's not super impressive, that's where the content on the rest of your profile can help!