Hello Effective Spend

I'm glad to have found your Digital Marketing Specialist role- here is a quick video about why I think I'd be a great fit.


Humble, hungry, and smart Paid/Social Media Marketer. My specialties include: organic social media growth, social content creation, and paid social campaigns. Seeking a role to develop my skillset and helping a business grow!

Hawthorne, CA
Digital Marketing Associate
3 months

As a Digital Marketing Associate, I monitored all clients PPC Campaigns including keyword bids, adjustments, and search terms. Also, I handled the content marketing aspect of the agency within editing, recording, and publishing to Youtube. My responsibilities helped me develop an understanding of search terms, content marketing, and creating a target audience.

Social Media Manager
9 months

Responsible for all social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) of our Youtube Chanel and creating content/calendar.

Wise Counselor
Transfers knowledge to people to help them solve problems. Has the ability to create accurate mental models and understand how to best work with each individual.
Youtube Channel

I started a Youtube channel with my best friend about sports, comics, etc. I have been in charge of all social media outlets including outreach and creating engaging content.


As a self-motivated individual, I created a podcast with my lovely partner.

SilvaWorld Blog

To improve my writing skills, I decided to create a blog about sports, comics, and marketing! I learned how to use WordPress and basics SEO while creating content.

Facebook Ads Manager
Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Google Sheets

Let us schedule a time to get to know each other and see if there’s a fit! You may contact me at henry.silva9@gmail.com or (310) 702-5646. Thank You!