How Crash Works

Throughout the past century, job hunting went from skills and relationships to mass-applying with keyword-optimized resumes.

It’s daunting, discouraging, and stressful.

And most of all, it’s not working for job seekers or employers. Everyone wants something better.

It’s time to make job hunting as humanized and awesome as the people on both sides.

This is how👇

“This is the most empowering way to job hunt
I’ve ever experienced.”

“I tried spray and pray for 2 months — 10 apps per week. Started sending pitches and out of 7 pitches, I got 4 interviews and one job offer. Huge difference.


Pick the roles you want. 🔎

Add the most interesting opportunities to your list. Find jobs just right for you.

If you need a little help figuring out roles to match your personality, take our Discover Quiz and read our entry-level career guides.

Create easy, custom pitches that hiring managers love. 👋

Quicker than a resume, more effective than a cover letter.

Feature projects and work that make your value impossible to ignore. Build a better signal that stands out from the crowd.

Become your own credential with Crash pitches, and make an impression that companies can’t resist. Try it out—start building a pitch.

Manage your opportunities in one place. 💻

A successful job hunt is like doing sales, and you might not always know what you’re supposed to do next.

The Crash dashboard puts tools and how-to guides at your fingertips so you can spend less time guessing and more time doing what matters most.

Start filling your dashboard.

Get offers and accept your favorite! 🏆

Don’t just settle for one opportunity. Crash helps you get multiple offers, which puts you in control of your next career move.

Did we mention it’s free for your first three pitches?

Learn to find companies that get you
really excited.

Resist the urge to apply to jobs on job boards. Instead, research & pitch the interesting ones. You’ll do more impactful work for a company you’re thrilled to be part of.

The Crash browser extension lets you pitch any job on the web:
crash browser extension pitch tool with angellist superhuman job

Create something different.

Something far more intriguing and eye-catching than a resume. 😉

Feature projects you’ve worked on, tech tools you’re mastering, and written or video testimonials that make your abilities impossible to ignore.
Your general pitch to the world, far better than a generic resume full of bullet points:
Targeted pitches are an even more powerful job hunting tool, because they are built to speak directly to a specific person at a specific company:
targeted video pitch from Samantha Hembree to Sales Hacker on Crash

Start real conversations, and manage them all in your dashoard.

Your job hunt will succeed when you actively pursue opportunities, by doing outreach and follow-ups until you’re hired.

See exactly when to follow up until you send it home. ⚾

Profit from your job hunt like never before.

No matter what the outcome is, you win on Crash.

Interviews & offers are the ultimate goals, of course. But you can also receive valuable feedback that helps you improve as a job seeker and professional.

You can earn warm email introductions to new opportunities, when hiring managers decide to move forward with another candidate but were really impressed by you.

Crash is for more than just job hunting. You’re breaking into an industry you’re excited about, by forming new connections to people who are even more passionate than you.

With Crash, you always win. 🙌

It’s time. Crash your career.

Not ready to pitch yet?

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