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How can I get hired as a Customer Operations Coordinator at Limeade?

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Mitchell Earl answered

Head on over to LinkedIn. Look up Limeade. Then go search for an employee who has the job you want (or a similar one). You're going to send a message to this person. But hold your horses–first let me explain why.

The point of reaching out to them is to learn more about the company and the role. And who better to ask than someone who's already doing it, right? Sure, you could just ask for a referral. But building rapport is key–you don't just want an intro, you want someone who will vouch for you. Pro tip: a great way to do that is by actually getting to know them.

So, what should you say? Well, to save you the trouble, I've already drafted an easy template for you. Tweak to your specific use case. Then hit send on that bad boy.

👇 Start of the template (remove this line before use).

Hi, [their first name],

Could I buy you coffee [this/next + day of the week] and ask you a few questions about what it’s like to do [insert type of work]?

I’m newly starting my career and eager to learn. I want to be mindful of your time, so I’ve also included a few of my questions below:

How did you get into [insert type of work]?
What are your favorite and least favorite parts about [insert type of work]?
What is your day-to-day as [insert type of work] like?
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in [insert type of work]?
Again, I appreciate your time!

All the best,

[Your name]

👆End of the template (it's okay to remove this line).

Okay, so take that message for a spin. Hit send. Then, when they respond (because who would possibly say to no free coffee to help someone just getting started in their career?), be prepared with good questions.

Don't make your questions just about the role. Be conversational. And come ready to listen, not talk. Then, when the conversation is wrapping up (assuming it goes well), thank them for their time, and ask if they'd be willing to introduce you to the person who hires for the role.

Oh, and one last thing: be sure to pick up the check if you go to coffee. It's a polite thing to do, and a really low-cost gesture that goes a long way.

Boom. That's it. Try it. Serious. It works.

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