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How can I create my own role at Numina?

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Mitchell Earl answered

I’m a big fan of the idea behind the company’s technology–just from personal and anecdotal experience, visiting their website immediately made me think about how great it would be to never be stuck in a traffic jam or make loops around a block while looking for parking. That seems like a really big vision with a lot of potential to make major improvements to our standard of living–especially in big cities where increasing population and congestion can have some painful side effects. And who wouldn’t love the chance to market a big, hairy, audacious vision like theirs?

Skills/Responsibilities/Details that stand out:

• Mission to make cities more responsive (safer, healthier, and more equitable)
• Real-time intelligence–without surveillance
• Looking for passionate people with shared vision
• Company recently acquired ParkIT, a parking lot analytics company
• One of company’s stated niches is universities


• Tailored pitch
• Market research + case study
• Lead list
• Publicity

I’d recommend creating a personal pitch to the company, outlining specific market opportunities where they can have an impact and how you can help lead the charge toward that. From a little research on their site, a good opportunity to focus on would be how they can help universities/campuses address parking (large shopping centers is another spinoff that comes to mind).

To do this, I’d do a little market research, prepare a case study and lead list, then craft a tailored pitch to the head of marketing.

The goal of these tactics is to:

• Prove you’ve put some serious thought into the company, its product, and its market
• Bring something tremendously valuable to the table

Market Research and Case Study:

Their website mentions two really interesting things: they have some presence on university campuses already, and they recently acquired a company called ParkIT, which offers real-time analytics for parking lots.

This seems like a good opportunity to double-down on and come up with a solid plan of action (and collateral) for expanding into that market.

Start by doing some homework online. Are there any good stories out there from students about poor parking experiences on campus? Is there any good data about this, too? How long does the average student spend searching for parking? How much does it cost? Is there a story you can tell with this info?

Example: Finding a student’s story about getting ticketed or towed or missing a final because he/she couldn’t find a spot–basically, some kind of story that elicits an emotional response.

Once you feel good about the research you've collected, come up with a slick, one- to two-page case study. Highlight the pains of parking issues on campuses and how Numina’s solutions can help. I’d write this with an intended audience of university officials.

Lead List and Publicity:

Next, I recommend coming up with a list of universities that don’t appear to have any good solution in place for the problem Numina can solve.

Build a list of 50-100 of these. Try to find a handful of popular titles that might belong to the right university official who would handle this type of thing–and build a small contact list for each university.

In addition to that, I’d also build a lead list of one to two reporters for each campus student newspaper. Put this all into a clean Excel or Google Sheet file.

(This next part is something you might do, or something you can just include in a pitch to the company as a strategy.)

Focus on any success stories Numina has from other campuses. I'd draft up a short, one-page press pitch about how Numina’s product solved the parking problem for students at XYZ University. Then, send out that cold pitch to reporters with the aim of getting a story about parking in the campus newspaper. If any of those cold pitches succeed, go all in on doing cold outreach to university officials at that school and trying to schedule a meeting.

The Tailored Pitch:

Lastly, put together a personal pitch addressed to their head of marketing. Highlight why you like their business, why you think the problem they’re solving matters, and how you can contribute. I'd put it in a nice Google Slides deck and film a Loom video recording that outline the project and research and you talking through the lead list. Then, in the video, pitch them on how you could bring this strategy to life for them.

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