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What's a good way to stand out to Overland Sheepskin's Retail Sales Associate opening?

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Mitchell Earl answered

Overland Sheepskin Co. appears to be a niche, luxury brand–the job posting mentions stores are located in vacation destinations, and it also references a high level of service as an expectation from its customers.

To stand out for this job, if I had no experience, I’d focus on demonstrating a baseline of proficiency for the low-hanging fruit skills (like computer/POS skills and communication/interpersonal relationships).

Then, in addition to checking the easy boxes, I’d recommend putting together a project that accomplishes two things: attracts attention and provide a valuable, usable resource for the company to leverage.

Lastly, I’d package everything I created together into a pitch tailored to the company.

Skills/responsibilities/details that stand out:

• Sixteen stores across the country in several choice vacation destinations
Providing exceptional customer service
• Maintaining sales goals
• Assisting in keeping the store stocked, merchandised, clean, and inviting
• Communication, interpersonal relationships
• Proficient with computer and POS systems

The Proof of Skill and the Project: To provide proof of the company’s preferred skills, start with a little research. First, try to find several existing customers of Overland Sheepskin Co. Leverage popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find these (filter searches by hashtags or keywords). Also, check the company website for testimonials.

From these various sources, attempt to build a collage of positive social proof. In addition, try to start a few conversations. Use this to prove you're capable of building rapport with customers, as well as being familiar with their wants and needs.

Then start several public social posts about why you like the company–and also some posts to attempt to engage others online. Things like, “When you buy a new coat (or boots, bags, etc.) what do you look for?”

Put everything you find together as a small case study–both to prove you’re capable of communicating, as well as interested in the brand and industry.

Next, figure out what Point of Sale the store uses. I’d try to find a free trial online of the software–or see if you can learn at least the basics online. Do a screen recording with Loom to demonstrate your ability to navigate the software–or discuss how to use it effectively.

The Tailored Pitch: Package everything you've created–your proof of skills and your project–and put together a slide deck outlining why you're such a big fan of the company and their products.

BONUS POINTS: Include a picture of yourself on the cover slide with one of their products (logo visible) to add a little extra something!

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