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What's a good way to pitch the SEO Client Success Advocate role at PixieCutLabs?

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Morgan Von Gunten answered

The first thing that really stood out to me about this role was, “If we are considering two candidates, one with culture fit and passion—but no skill—and a second with passion and skill—but no culture fit—we will welcome the candidate with culture fit and provide the necessary training to bring her or him up to speed.”

PixieCutLabs stands out as a company that truly believes in its people. Even if you don’t have the technical SEO skills for this role, you can show your excitement and willingness to give customers the best experience possible—and you’ll be a candidate who stands out.

Skills/Responsibilities/Details that stand out:

Advocate the customer above all else
• Ability to deliver results on time
• Always follow through and do what you say you’ll do
• Great relationship-building ability
• Follow through on promises
• This role is responsible for being the primary point-of-contact for clients—and for making customers happy
• Self-motivated
• SEO skills are a bonus but aren’t required

To pitch this role, I’d create a project to show why you’re a good fit for this position, then package it up in a tailored pitch to send to a real person at the company.


This role requires both customer success knowledge and a desire to work in the SEO field.

To start, sign up for a free trial of Teamwork’s project management tool. One you’re ready to start working on your project, be sure to track your time in Teamwork—this is important.

To start your project, find an ecommerce website for a small company based in the U.S. This is the type of client you’d be working with at PixieCutLabs.

Then, use SEMrush to do a site audit of that company’s website. It should only take a few minutes. Once the audit is complete, click on “view all issues” and identify an area where you could help improve the site’s SEO. You’ll see a box with “Why and how to fix it” next to each issue—this will help you know where and how you could improve.

(Make sure you’re still tracking your time.)

Pick one error from the audit and create an improvement to the site in that area. You won’t be able to actually change the content on the site—that’s okay—but I’d recommend creating a Google Doc, then writing out your strategy—as well as the replacement copy that would work better, etc.—and making sure it’s written in a way that the ecommerce company could easily read and apply.

Once you’ve got a document created with your suggested fixes, hop on Loom and spend one to two minutes walking this (fake) client through how they could improve their SEO and why improving it will help them—the “why” is important. Focus on showing any relationship-building skills you have (it’s a huge bonus if you research the ecommerce company on LinkedIn and address this Loom video to that person by name).

Then, write up some quick email copy, as if you were already in the job at PixieCutLabs, and drop it in a new Google doc with a link to your video and the first document with the report.

Tailored Pitch:

Assuming you’ve run the above process, now it’s time to bring all the steps together.

I recommend using two tools to highlight everything you’ve done in this exercise: Google Slides and Loom.
Start by creating a new slide deck. Add the company’s logo and colors to the cover slide with your name and the role you’re interested in. (Example: “Hey PixieCutLabs, I’m [your name], and this is why I’ll crush it as an SEO Client Success Advocate.”)

To take this to the next level, go use LinkedIn to try to figure out who the hiring manager for PixieCutLabs might be (even if it’s just your best guess).

For this role, I’d look for anyone in at PixieCutLabs with a title of Hiring Manager or SEO Account Manager. Address your presentation to that person. It makes it feel even more personal.

Then, in a few slides, outline what you like about the company, why what they do matters to you, and how the skills they ask for translate well with your existing skills (even if you don’t have a ton of experience).
Then, spend two to three slides outlining the results of the exercise you put together. Don’t go too into the weeds here—you’ll cover this in the Loom video.

On a final slide, add how they can get in touch with you.

Once you have your deck finished, hop on Loom and record yourself on-camera talking through the slides. Explain the content, and go into a little more detail about what you learned through the exercise—time management, SEO knowledge, etc.—and how you can apply that to be successful in the role. Be sure to show your customer success abilities here—in the role, you’d be doing video calls with clients. Use this as a chance for PixieCutLabs to see what you’d be like on-camera with their clients.

You can drop the link to your Loom video into Crash’s tailored pitch tool, add some text explaining why you’re pitching them, and link to your project.

Then, last step—this is critical: after you send in your application, go back to LinkedIn, find the person you think might be the hiring manager and message them. Share your video, slides, and the project you created (or the link to your tailored pitch). While you’re at it, go ahead and send the pitch in an email as well—something like, “I want to make sure you saw this”.

If you don’t hear anything back, follow up every 24-72 hours until you hear something.

Remember, if you don’t have relevant experience, leveraging your passion and willingness to take action from day one can be a secret weapon.

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