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How can I pitch the Customer Subscription Analyst role at ServiceNow?

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Mitchell Earl answered

This role looks like a great opportunity to hone an evergreen skillset. The skills you need for the job translate well into a wide variety of career paths down the road–and those map particularly well into software/tech startup opportunities.

Skills/Responsibilities that stand out:
• Exceptional analyst
• Working in Sales Finance and Customer Operations
• Able to work cross-functionally
• License usage reporting, analyzing and interpreting usage
• Reviewing contractual data
• Run projects to automate current verification process
• Workflow optimization, task-tracking, and follow-up
• Application testing
• Agile
• Strong background in data analytics

• Manufactured Referral
• Trial-Basis
• Tailored Pitch

To be honest, it’s probably going to be tough to land this role without relevant experience because it’s so technical in nature. That said, for someone with no experience, I’d recommend a combination of project work, manufacturing a referral, offering a trial basis, and tailoring a pitch.

The goal of these tactics is to:
Demonstrate proficiency with a project
• Bypass the normal hiring process gatekeepers with a referral
• Gain a competitive advantage against more-seasoned candidates with a trial basis
• Get attention and prove your level of personal investment in the role with a tailored pitch

The Project: For a project, I’d focus on demonstrating proficiency both performing responsibilities of the role and navigating relevant softwares/tools. I would create a project that analyzes customer cohorts–and I'd use different tools to outline a repeatable process for analysis.

Find (or create) a mock data set of customers at different price points and different contract start dates.

Using this data set, perform various analysis to answer questions about the “mock” customer base at large:
• What is the average selling price?
• What is the average customer lifetime value?
• What is the churn rate across different price points?
• Which customers have the highest lifetime value?
• What customers appear to have the best Customer Acquisition Cost to Lifetime Value Ratio?
• Are there any seasonal trends in customer churn behavior?

I'd use Excel or Google Sheets for the basic outline of the data set and analysis. Then document how you answered each question using Google Slides, Google Documents, Notion, or something that allows visuals along with descriptions.

Then, write up a process and draft a workflow for how to perform this analysis going forward. From pulling the initial raw data from its sources (think CRM + Billing Software/Merchant Processor + General Ledger Software), to cleaning up the data, to performing the actual analysis. Where possible, automate the manual steps (using Zapier or Workato), and build templates (like Excel or Google Sheets) for the data analysis part.

I would also create an archiving process for keeping record of original data sources–so in the future, if historical data needs reviewed or referenced, it's available in a static form.

Then, create one slide deck or document overview outlining the entire project and how it can be used to answer basic questions about the customer base of a company with recurring revenue.

BONUS POINTS: I’d create a blog series on this project and also share the templates and step-by-step guides.

The Manufactured Referral: If you don’t know someone at the company already, hit LinkedIn and find someone to reach out to. Don’t know what to say? Check out these email templates.

The Trial Basis: If you don’t have a ton of experience in this type of role, you’re likely at a disadvantage compared to other candidates. To help hedge against this, I’d offer a short trial basis (either free or paid at below-market rate). I’d focus on framing this to the hiring manager, too. Something like, “I’m so confident I can deliver in this role if given the chance that I’m willing to prove it on a trial basis before you make a permanent hiring decision. You get a couple weeks of free work out of me, and if I’m not a good fit, it won’t cost you.”

The Tailored Pitch and Application: Using a combination of the project, research you’ve done about the company, and your trial-based offer, put together a proposal tailored to the company and how you can exceed expectations in the role.

Try to hone in on why you like the company, why what they’re doing is important to you, and how your unique experiences map well to what they’re looking for.

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