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Can you share how to get hired as a Marketing and Graphic Design Intern at The Hustle?

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Mitchell Earl answered

Create a GIF and meme library full of your top hundred favorites. These are for inspiration. Then go subscribe to The Hustle's newsletter (if you haven't already).

Figure out what image and graphic dimensions their newsletter email software uses. Then create a handful of templates (where you could edit a picture to this size quickly).

Then go read through as much of their content as you can (keep your GIF library handy). As you read, narrow down your library to only GIFs or memes that match their style and tone. Try to get your library down to twenty-five. Then, go drop them in your templates and resize to fit email.

Then apply and send in what you made with a note–"Hey, thought you may appreciate this thing I created for you."

Bonus round: go read up on Hustle Con (their annual conference). Design two-to-three different pieces of promotional material for them and include it in your application.

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