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How should I pitch my skills for a Social Media and Brand Marketing internship at TikTok?

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Mitchell Earl answered

First, if you don't have a TikTok account, I'd start there. Then I'd do some research to make a list of a hundred-plus people who get amazing traction on their videos. Since the role is in brand marketing, I'd specifically look for the kind of people who have content that's CPP (clean, powerful, and positive).

Then I'd curate a bunch of the best posts from each of these users. I'd draft up some hypothetical messages to these people–messages I might send if I was going to ask them if TikTok could use their videos for marketing purposes. I'd also come up with an angle for how to repurpose these–something along the lines of, "Look at all the amazing things people are doing with TikTok."

Finally, I'd share this with the TikTok team when I apply (and for bonus points, I'd probably record a few TikTok videos for their team to include with my application).

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