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Can you share how to pitch WAX on their Account Services Intern opening?

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Mitchell Earl answered

The company has a very well-designed website, and it looks like they’ve done some work for big name brands. This one looks like it would be a great opportunity to gain exposure to the ad and design space–and get a chance to work with a great team.

Skills/Responsibilities/Details that stand out:

• Proofread
• Draft creative briefs
• Brainstorm with creative team
• Create mockups
• Conduct general, client, competitive, and/or field research
• Write various reports and research summaries

How I’d play this one:

The good news about this job is they laid out an absolute gold mine in their job description–they specifically outline the responsibilities of the role. I’d focus on highlighting your ability to deliver on those responsibilities.

The goal of the following tactics are to:
• Prove you’re capable of doing the job
• Give them a work sample

Market Research and Create a Project:

Okay, they laid out what they expect from this role in the job posting, so I’d approach these tactics with the goal of demonstrating you can accomplish those things.

To do that, hit the world wide web to find a company that looks like it might be a potential good fit as a customer (i.e., they’ve got a strong brand and most likely have the budget).

Then, put together some research on that company, their market, their customers, and their ad campaigns to date.

Do a brainstorming session and document the entire process–write down every possible idea, review them all, rank them, then narrow down to one to three.

Summarize all of your research and ideas to show why you think those will perform best. Then create some mock-ups and a brief explaining the campaign, audience, and cost for each of the one to three campaigns you landed on.

The Tailored Pitch:

To package this project, I recommend doing a short video recording (Loom)–put the emphasis on why you love the work WAX does and how you wanted to prove you could be an asset, so you created a project as evidence. Then briefly talk through the project and process.

A final step: find a member of their team on LinkedIn (or their email address) and personally reach out to them with a link to the video and project, in addition to sending in the application.

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