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What's a good way to pitch Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator for their Operations Intern opening?

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Mitchell Earl answered

This role looks awesome. Not only is it working with an early-stage investment fund, but it also offers real exposure to a lot of entrepreneur and early-stage founders. Another thing I really like about the role is how they mention, “Historically, our interns go on to take internships/FT positions with our portfolio companies or join a venture firm.”

Skills/Responsibilities that stand out:
Ensure smooth operations
• Organizing mentor meetings
• Running logistics for mentor visits
• Scribing for mentor meetings and workshops
• Assist with managing mentor/investor/cohort database-office management-ad hoc operational project

1. Project Value Prop
2. Manufactured Referral

How I’d play this one:

First, I’d review the company’s website, especially their FAQs, portfolio of companies, and mentors.

Project One: Then, to demonstrate the skills, I’d use Airtable, a free HubSpot trial, or Google Sheets to build a lite database of all existing companies and their founders/employees.

I’d pull any info I could off their website, then I’d head over to LinkedIn. This shows you can manage a database, plus it will also give you a good introduction to their companies.

For additional value, I’d try to build out a full scope of their employees on LinkedIn. It’s potentially valuable for an accelerator to keep tabs on all employees and alumni of their companies (even if they joined the company later). This is helpful as they grow for a couple reasons: referrals can play a large part in future applicant companies and a lot of early stage employees go on to found their own companies. Those are great high-quality leads for the accelerator.

Project Two: I’d create a calendar feed using Google Calendar–titled something like “Winter 2020 Accelerator”. Then populate it with a mock agenda for the first couple weeks. Try to find info on their website or make up different orientation sessions.

Then document an easy process for how to subscribe to the calendar (as if this was something that would be sent out to all founders participating in the program).

The Manufactured Referral: Additionally, I’d try to find an alumni of the program or a mentor that works with them whom you could reach out to to learn more.

First, check your LinkedIn connections against their mentors and portfolio companies (that database comes in handy now!). If you don’t have any first- or second-degree connections, I’d either search LinkedIn or check Via by On Deck for someone.

Reach out, let them know you’re early in your career, and ask if they’d be willing to help.

Finally: The Pitch and Application: I’d record a walkthrough of the database and calendar projects. Then I’d put together a strong slide deck outlining why you like this opportunity, what you bring to the table, mention your projects, and your content info. Then, I’d send it all in.

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