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Yelp's looking for a PR intern–how can I be a no-brainer hire without experience?

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Mitchell Earl answered

This one is PR, which can be tricky. So I suggest getting really creative. What I'd do is try to find a couple restaurants or small businesses who've experienced a positive benefit by using Yelp.

Start your search by looking for any business that's local, non-chain, something that's been around for a while (think that hole-in-the-wall café downtown you love so much).

I'd make a list of a few of these. Then go visit and try to talk to the owner or someone who's been around for a while. Ask about who their customers are and how they think they find them. Take good notes, then ask if they'd be open to you using them for a quote in a story.

After you collect two to three of these, write a story. I'd use an angle about how technology has impacted these businesses. And, somehow, weave Yelp into the mix (painted in a good light, obviously).

Then, find a couple local newspaper reporters and call them up to tell them you have a story for them. Try to get it published.

If it does get published, send the article to Yelp with your application. Even if it doesn't get published, send the story in (with permission to publish under your name) along with your application.

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