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Zapier's hiring a Customer Champion–how can I stand out when I apply?

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Mitchell Earl answered

One of my favorite things about Zapier’s product is it not only helps people work more efficiently, but it helps clear my plate of repetitive and mundane tasks. That’s just one reason I love it, and I imagine there are countless other benefits people turn to Zapier for.

Skills/Responsibilities/Details that stand out:

• Loves helping people solve tricky, technical problems
• Help customers learn how to optimize their work
• Empathetic
• Obsess over details
• Persistent
• Help customers via email or chat
• Write documentation to help users help themselves

To win this role, I’d combine several tactics:

1) Demo their product and study customer feedback: To develop and prove a deep understanding of Zapier’s offering, why people choose Zapier, what people love about it, and what they want more of.

2) Create a valuable project: To showcase your ability to perform the normal functions of the job, in addition to providing a useful resource for the company to use for their customers.

3) Tailor a pitch: Prepare a specific value proposition for the role and Zapier that maps your unique interests and abilities to the specific business need they have for this role.

The Product Demo and Customer Feedback: First, if you’ve never used Zapier, I’d recommend heading over to their site and signing up for a free trial. Do a quick tour of the product, dig through some of the popular apps, and go ahead and choose a handful of apps you like to use.

Then, look through the popular “Zaps” they offer for those apps. Build one. Then another. If possible, try to build a Zap that automates an actual small, annoying task for you.

Then do a quick writeup (Google Docs) or video recording (Loom) to outline these things: What did you like about the process? Was it easy, difficult? How did automating an annoying task make you feel?

In the writeup, I’d focus on outlining the step-by-step process you took to familiarize yourself with the product, select which Zap to create, how you set it up, and how you tested it. Spare no technical details here. Try to make it something someone else could read and learn from. Then publish it–either to your own blog, Medium, or on social media. Tag Zapier on social media with the post, and tell them why you love it.

Then, I’d head over to Capterra (or any other product review site you like), and I’d read through Zapier's reviews. Take note of all the positive and negative reviews. If you’re feeling ambitious, do a keyword analysis to see what terms people use most to describe Zapier. Then, put together a brief outline of your findings.

The Project: For the project, I’d choose two apps that are already available on Zapier and one app that is not currently available. For each of these apps, I’d come up with one to two wish-list Zaps and write up a short proposal for exactly how those Zaps might work: What are the possible triggers? What other apps could they work with? What tasks could they automate?

Then write up short technical guidelines for how someone could use these Zaps and configure them. Don’t worry right now about whether or not you’re 100% savvy on all the technical requirements to make the Zaps work in the background. Just focus on documenting a process you think should be possible and exactly how someone might use it.

The Tailored Pitch: Finally, put together everything you've learned from each of these steps. Highlight what you love about Zapier and why you’re uniquely equipped to solve the problems they’re asking for in the job description. I'd recommend using Google Slides and Loom to create this pitch and talk through it.

Also, include a short summary of the product demo, customer feedback findings, and the project you created–share links to the actual complete versions of those, too.

Then, include all of this in your application on their site–and be thoughtful about answering each one of the questions they ask. Where possible, point to something you created to iterate why this role excites you so much.

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