Hunter Casillas
Interested in Intermediate IT & Intermediate Operations roles
Looking to turn my passion for customer service and people into a career path in Customer Success or Sales.

Hi, I'm Hunter Casillas — I'm a passionate creator with an unparalleled drive to learn new things. Throughout my entire life I have been exposed to the power of technology which is why it is one of my greatest passions. My freelance development, innovative thinking, and personal projects are simply a primitive beginning to spark a world of opportunity that is waiting to be unlocked.

Excited to relocate anywhere in United States
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Work Experience

Freelance Java Development

3 years

Chef de Partie - El Monumento

2 years

Optimizations Specialist - GoodUnited

6 months

Tech Stack

Adobe Premier

DaVinci Resolve










Personality Type


Easily adapts to situations and challenges. Connects the right people to the best products and tools that get them closer to their goals.

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Hey, Hunter! I love your video! and your website is 💯

8 mo. ago

Seriously awesome work here, Hunter! Want to share a few job opportunities you might like–here's a Customer Success Specialist position at Qualia in Austin. They're looking for someone with a history in customer experience, great written and verbal communication skills, someone who's a fast learner, and would basically help with taking care of customers.

On the other end of the spectrum, I found a position for a Software Developer in Austin at RF Code–they're looking for a developer who is creative, driven, and has a thirst to grow professional skills. They want someone who can bring in fresh ideas, someone with Java experience, someone who can learn new tech quickly. Basically, someone who can create some awesome stuff.

Edited 7 mo. ago

@Morgan Von Gunten, thank you so much for the recommendations! I'll be checking them out now!

8 mo. ago

you bet!

7 mo. ago

@Chuck Grimmett, I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!

8 mo. ago

Gabriel Mitchell

Hey Hunter, BombBomb is currently looking for sales people, and often has customer service roles available as well. https://bombbomb.com/workwithus/

I have a friend works customer service there if you'd like me to put you in contact.

Feel free to email me: gabrieljmitchell@gmail.com

8 mo. ago
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