James Walpole
Interested in Intermediate Marketing & Entry level Sales roles
Let me help you build your startup's brand and marketing operations from scratch.

As a startup marketer for four and a half years, I’ve become a marketing MacGyver for a company that has seen all the ups and downs - firefighting PR crises, writing up content, launching products, shipping emails, riding the social media waves, and even donning a mascot costume a few times.

I believe in blue-collar practicality, (extreme) ownership, (actual) integrity, and a sense of playfulness in marketing as in life. I eat startup chaos for breakfast and turn it into wisdom (if I’m lucky) which I try to write about every day at jameswalpole.com.

Atlanta, GA

Work Experience

Co-Host and Associate Producer at DECENTRALIZE Podcast

6 months

Marketing Contractor at Praxis

1 year

Marketer at BitPay

4 years


LinkedIn Page for BitPay

For a few years, I've managed and curated content for the LinkedIn page for my employer BitPay, the world's leading processor of blockchain payments.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bitpay-inc-/

Twitter for BitPay

I've created content, answered questions, and communicated with customers on my company's Twitter page for several years.

Link: https://twitter.com/BitPay


Beautiful photos are powerful assets for marketers. I have taken product shots, event photos, and headshots for my work and for fun.

Link: https://www.jameswalpole.com/photography/

Public Relations for BitPay

An example of a press release I drafted for BitPay while managing corporate PR and communications between 2015 and early 2018.

Link: https://medium.com/bitpay-on-bitcoin/bitcoin-payments-leader-bitpay-raising-30-million-in-series-b-funding-led-by-aquiline-technology-367dfe2e10f2

Personal Blog

Since early 2017, I have published over 750 blog posts on my personal site on everything from startup life and philosophy to running and Lord of the Rings.

Link: https://jameswalpole.com

Video Interviews for BitPay

In 2019, I've started filming video interviews for BitPay with some of the interesting people of the blockchain ecosystem.

Link: http://vimeo.com/bitpay

Podcast: ‎Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown

I co-hosted 15 episodes of a podcast on the philosophical themes of the epic TV show Game of Thrones.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/game-of-thrones-philosophy-breakdown/id1280778312?mt=2


I co-hosted and helped to produce and source guests for this series of shows on open source and decentralized technologies.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJAY7Y5shE&list=PLwtKPHPKhN-MoULdKqgDlZb_7t1ftMdWc

Podcast: Eastside Church Sermons

I make basic post-edits and publish this church sermon podcast.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/6mzRwPAnYC51pi3mMnqo05?si=Bsy6CL0RS6CxXerUUQqFbw

Personality Type


Easily adapts to situations and challenges. Connects the right people to the best products and tools that get them closer to their goals.

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