Hey There, I'm Jayden Pribyl

Science-Based Sales® member at preHIRED Looking to join a motivated sales team!

Through chatting when taking orders, selling someone on the best homemade pastry, or even turning locals into regulars, I've met a number of people working in hospitality. I believe it’s a great position for a young individual to build confidence and integrity through years of work however, there is a point when the amount of potential runs thin when looking for a real career. That is why I joined the Prehired program!

I received a lot of value in training through PreHired and how to effectively apply the Science-Based Sales® approach, in turn, will help me to become an asset to your SDR team. I learned how to use tools like Hubspot, Interstellar, Salesforce, and others to prospect potential clients, create a sales pipeline, and how to follow a sales process to be as effective and efficient as possible in order to procure success for myself and the company I work for. My goal is to work for a company where I can pursue my passion for working with people and helping with their needs.

Chicago, IL, or remote
Science-Based Sales®
6 months

Award-Winning Professional Training in SaaS Industry sales systems from the preHIRED Science-Based Sales® methodology. Members are trained in ALL parts of the modern-day sales development process for SDR and AE roles including:

-Prospecting and hunting to generate high quantity & quality sales leads. -Effective Cold Calling and B2B sales cycles -Lead Qualification to ensure alignment between buyer and seller. -Ability to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller. -Discovery to dive deep into prospects' pain points, goals, challenges, and solutions. -Training on all modern-day CRM's, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools -Only sales program specializing in mastering SaaS sales and landing a job in SaaS sales or SDR roles

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Prep Cook at Full Circle Café Espresso Bar and Bakery
4 years

Working at Full Circle Cafe, I do just about every task that needs to be done in the building, with some exceptions. It is my job to assist any employee with their job all while doing my own job in preparing foods, dressings, recipes, etc.

-I serve and assist customers in need. -I prepare food for cooks/customers.

  • I will help wash the dirty dishes.
  • Loading and unloading heavy cargo is a big part of this role. Heavy lifting up and down stairs regularly. -At the beginning and end of the day, I clean & stock the cafe.
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