Salut ! Jérémy here.

Careers are multicolored. Paint your canvas!


AKA rarelyJeremy. I contribute to the world primarily in the following ways…


I help people build lucrative, fulfilling careers on your own terms via 🎊

👉 CareerOS Notion Dashboard

👉 Inspiring Careers Podcast

👉 Private coaching

Most people want a stable, meaningful, rewarding career. Purpose and productivity are essential for feeling satisfaction in our lives!

While building Crash, I acquired a passion for helping every person I can build a meaningful, reliable full-time career doing work they love, whether that be employment, freelance, artistry, or business ownership—or all of the above!

The best careers are multicolored, and I’m here to help you build an amazing one around your unique combination of skills, interests, and style. That’s the gist of My Career Thesis and why I set out to create

📫 Get in touch to clarify your career goals & start achieving them asap.


I partner with mission-driven startup founders on a mission to elevate human beings into our full potential.

Especially in the areas of fulfilling careers, personal financial security, learning, human relationships & community, inner peace/confidence/self-worth, and painlessness.

I help them:

👉 validate their product-market-channel-model fit

This is first priority for any business. You can’t have impact until you know exactly who you help and how. The “why” comes first, but we’ll talk about that. ;)

👉 reduce churn & increase referrals (UX/UI design)

I design frictionless interaction experiences that turn free users into paying customers, and paying customers into raving evangelists.

👉 increase organic growth (content marketing)

I consult on content strategy + tap into my network of thousands of high quality creatives in any industry to help you build & monetize the audience around your brand.

👉 maximize leanness (operations)

I organize & optimize companies so your team members can do their highest-leverage work.


💸. I’m a founder-level builder, open to alternate forms of compensation (like revenue share & equity). And I’m always open to growth-focused, mission-driven business partners to join my ventures. I want to invest heavily up-front in projects & people I believe will create outsized returns and generate long-term recurring income for everyone involved.

Well-oiled operations (systems, automation, talent, management) High quality content & creative (brand, design, copy; full-stack management from strategy to deliverables) Customer success & UX optimization (research & design, bottom-of-funnel/onboarding/activation) Business strategy, pricing strategy, partnerships & business development

Turns ideas into concrete plans and sets them in motion. Excellent at bringing chaotic situations into organized systems.
Phoenix, AZ
Director of Marketing @ Crash
9 months

I lead brand & marketing here at Have a suggestion? Ping me on Intercom! (Lower right hand corner of the screen.)

Freelance Marketer: Growth & Content Marketing
3 months
Cofounder & CEO @ GigLoft
6 months

Teaching creatives how to find their own clients and create a successful self-employment career. Learn free and reach out to me at!

Cofounder, Product & Marketing, PubLoft
1 year
Founder & Creative Director • Conscious Creative
2 years
Program Specialist • Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley
2 years
Layout Designer & Illustrator • Glynlyon
1 year
Graphic Designer • Softpoint
1 year
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I make photomanipulations

A collection of my photomanipulation artwork. Most of this comes from #Inktober 2019, where I did my own version of the challenge — #photomaniptober 😋

I make music

PocketFreud brings a technical fusion of hip hop, jazz, and psychedelic sound to the deep thinker’s ears.

Listen at:

GigLoft: The Bootcamp For Creative Entrepreneurs

WANTED: Ambitious and talented people who want freedom and control over their professional lives. 🙌 Apply within! ⤵️

PubLoft: Curriculum Marketing for Startups

We’re pioneering a new approach to content marketing—one that your audience will drink up, and make your brand a signal among the noise.

WikiProp: Understand & influence laws that matter to you.

WikiProp is where you can find out exactly what your local laws say, with no opinions or predictions. We make them easy to understand, and leave the opinions up to you.

Build & run an entire agency - Airtable Universe

We built PubLoft (marketing for startups) to $300,000/year using only Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, and Weebly. ​ The biggest advice I can give anyone...

Candid Arizona Wedding Moments | Nelson Cinematic

My fiancée’s website: Nelson Cinematic is an Arizona based wedding photography service creating cinematic moments to last a lifetime. I am here to photograph your wedding and the truly memorable moments in your life such as engagements, maternity, newborns and more.

Jérémy Chevallier on Behance

All my best creative work from 2013-2016.

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