Jérémy Chevallier
Interested in Intermediate Marketing & Senior Design roles
Freelance growth marketer helping startups discover new user acquisition channels 🚀

I’m a freelance growth marketer and content marketer, helping early- and mid-staged companies scale user acquisition and maximize customer success.

I’m also a career coach for aspiring freelancers—I’m fiercely dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs pursue their craft full-time 🚀

Remote only

Work Experience

Freelance Marketer: Growth & Content Marketing

3 months

Cofounder & CMO, GigLoft

6 months

Cofounder, Product & Marketing, PubLoft

1 year

Founder & Creative Director • Conscious Creative

2 years

Program Specialist • Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley

2 years

Layout Designer & Illustrator • Glynlyon

1 year

Graphic Designer • Softpoint

1 year
Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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Jeremy, that's so fantastic and generous that you created a Crash profile and want to support the mission. Your own mission of merging prosperity with artistry (no more starving artists!) at GigLoft is also so exciting. As a creative myself, I totally am onboard. All the best!

4 day ago
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