Hey there, I'm Jessica Hooker

I love creating strategies, improving systems, and making things better.


If you're looking for someone to efficiently handle the behind-the-scenes operations of your company, I'm your person.

  • I love administrative details.
  • I'm a great multi-tasker and project manager.
  • I love organizing schedules, people, and supplies.
  • I'm comfortable in fast-paced environments.

If you're looking for someone to help your customers succeed, I'm your person.

  • I've answered 1000s of 911 calls.
  • I'm comfortable under pressure.
  • I can de-escalate high-stress situations.
  • I love teaching and equipping others for success.

So, what's next? I'd love to bring these skills to your operations or customer success team. Let's make things better—together!

Personality Type
Collects data and information from all possible angles. Highly analytical and uses data to inform all their insights. Sees connections no one else sees.
Willing to relocate anywhere in United States


911 Dispatcher // Montgomery County Police, MD
3 years
People only call 911 on the worst day of their lives, so as a dispatcher/calltaker, I always had to be at my best. When answering phones, I remained **calm** under pressure and **de-escalated** stressful situations. I maintained high **standards** of customer service while providing emergency instructions to callers. While on a dispatch radio, I **anticipated** and **prioritized** the needs of up to 50 officers at a time. I also **allocated** resources during dynamic and ever-changing emergency events. Maintaining accurate event information and regular communication with my officers built trust and ensured a good working relationship.
Team Leader // Institute for Cultural Communicators
1 year
After working as an intern (see below), I returned to lead a 10-person intern team the following year. My primary responsibilities included **overseeing project timelines** and **content creation**. In addition, I **edited** conference curriculum and **improved** programming. I also created a **system** for gathering and organizing all the materials created for each conference—which enabled these materials to be passed on to future intern teams. Before I tackled this challenge, there was no system, which meant that most information got lost from year to year.
Intern // Institute for Cultural Communicators
1 year
I worked with a team of seven other interns to **plan**, **write**, and **facilitate** three-day public speaking and communication conferences for students K-12. I **developed** interactive and engaging curriculum for 11-12 year olds. I also **organized** and **led** a new team of 14-18 year olds at each conference to set up, tear down, and maintain the facility. In addition, I **wrote**, **rehearsed**, and **presented** speeches on dozens of platforms across the country.


I built an operations tech stack in a month.

I love systems, strategies, and making things better. I'm interested in operations but haven't had exposure to a lot of the commonly used applications. So I learned them—and created tutorials to teach others.

I blogged every day for thirty days.

I showed up every single day for a month, put fingers to keyboard, wrote something, and posted what I wrote.

I learned about startup roles by interviewing professionals in each field.

I explored common roles at startups—marketing, sales, operations, and customer success—by interviewing professionals in each field and learned how each of these roles is vital to the success of a startup.

I built a second brain to store, organize, and retrieve digital information.

Using Evernote, I've created a valuable library of articles and resources from across the internet.

I created a Wordpress website to showcase my writing and projects.

Hey there, I'm Jessica. I scrapped the ol' b&w resume and created a website instead.

I managed dynamic teams, hosted dozens of conferences, and traveled 1000s of miles.

I led 10 interns ages 18-21 as they wrote, designed, prepared, and rehearsed a three-day public speaking conference for students K-12, all in eight weeks over the summer—then hosted this conference in cities across the continental United States.

I wanted to learn about film, so I started writing about the movies I watch.

Rather than watching movies as mere entertainment, I wanted to take a more active approach to one of my favorite pastimes. Now, I don't just watch movies—I write about them, too.

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