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Get a custom dashboard and professional tools to make your job hunt awesome and effective.
"I ended up with 11 interviews this past week."
"This is fun and getting results. Thanks for making this fun instead of depressing."
"My inbox has been blowing up for the last 24 hours."

Why Crash?

days on average to first interview
days on average until job offer
days on average of job-hunting saved
Results may vary. Crashers who work harder see better results. 😉

The Crash Toolkit

Our tools have helped hundreds of frustrated job-seekers turn the tables and get hired.

Tools to match you to the best jobs.

Discover your unique personality type, and learn about great career roles that match your skills and personality.

Tools to stand out in applications.

Showcase projects and software tools that make your skills impossible to ignore. Then create custom tailored pitches to blow away the hiring manager.

Tools to track your progress, stats, and daily to-dos.

Manage all your job opportunities, see where your hottest leads are, and hack your way into your dream early-career job. 🚀

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