Joel Bein
Interested in Entry level Sales & Entry level Marketing roles
10 years as professional educator/classical musician. Seeking SDR role to create value. I tackle obstacles and get things done.

I'm a doer with a thirst for growth.

Alongside 10 years of active self-work, I've dived deep as a classically trained conductor: building, teaching, inspiring.

Top Soft skills:

  • Persistence (I follow up)
  • Consistency (I've blogged 60 days straight)
  • Organized (GTD pro, Inbox Zero)

As we know, "sales" has a crappy connotation.

I prefer "influence." I prefer "value exchange."

The best salespeople don't resort to cheap tactics.

They don't hide or wear masks.

They are real.

And money is not the prime motivator.

The motivation is authentic desire to solve problems.

(That's what brings in the profit, anyhow).

My self-work has got me lit up about being real. About being curious about others' needs, and finding impactful ways to meet those needs.

I'm excited to do sales, without being salesy.

I'd love to help your company.

Denver, CO or Remote

Work Experience

Founder/Conductor New Orleans Chamber Players

2 years

  • Built 501(c)(3) organization over 1.5 years, prepared multiple concerts
  • Raised $5,000 in crowdfunding via in person donor meetings, cold-email
  • Achieved $2,000 grant from Jazz and Heritage Foundation -Created advertisements in concert program with New Orleans' businesses and BTA spot with WWNO radio

Conductor - Santa Fe Youth Symphony Orchestra

2 years

  • Outreached via email, call, and person to Santa Fe area high school students and educators to increase Youth Symphony enrollment 40%

  • Planned masterclasses to connect students to artists Guillermo Figueroa, James Feddick, and Jared Baca

  • Planned weekend tour of Colorado Springs and New Mexico, organized combined concerts with Albuquerque Youth Symphony and Colorado Springs Youth Symphony

Director of Bands 6-12 - Lusher Charter School

4 years

  • Instructed instrumental music lessons daily from beginners to advanced high school

  • Liaisoned with third-party instrument rental company to reduce friction for program sign up; tripled enrollment in 2 years

  • Prepared Symphonic Band for concert festival and received Superior ratings 2 years consecutive

  • Connected with Louisiana Philharmonic classical musicians to pair students with private lesson teachers, increasing lesson enrollment 3% to 30%


Constantly Failing Forward - joel bein

Learning is doing.


Appearance on Revolution of One Podcast, with TK Coleman

Personal power will build a new world.


I raised $5,000 in crowdfunding, and built New Orleans Chamber Players.

Spotlighting chamber winds, New Orleans Chamber Players is touching audiences through the ineffable beauty of chamber music.


What’s Sales? - joel bein

I'm an avid learner and excited to hone a skill in authentic persuasion.


Book Notes: How to Master the Art of Selling Post #2 - joel bein

“Champions really care about their clients.”


Be Willing to Look Stupid

I hosted a podcast, Exponentially Empowered.


GTD Euphoria - joel bein

For 6 years, I've practiced the art of Getting Things Done.


Doing What’s Hard vs. Doing What You Hate - joel bein

Doing things that are hard produces results.


Start with the Tinder - joel bein

Small, specific action builds roaring results.


Joel Bein, Conductor

8 minutes of conducting highlights.


WWNO Inside The Arts interview for New Orleans Chamber Players

WWNO Inside the Arts interview with Diane Mack (start at 16:00)


Purpose - joel bein

Purpose is doing.


Audacity - joel bein

Audacity is boldness.


Personality Type


Distributes helpful, persuasive information as widely as possible. Can naturally deliver several messages from multiple angles to see what works best.

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I can vouch for Joel as a very sharp, conscientious, and detail oriented person. He cares, he focuses, and he's very interested in learning!

4 mo. ago

Thank you Isaac! I really appreciate that.

4 mo. ago

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile. I'm excited to bring value to a start-up. :) Any comments, questions, or job recommendations would be awesome. Thank you in advance!

4 mo. ago

Clean profile! Great thoughts! You've really put in the work to make everything look great!

3 mo. ago

Thank you, Ian!

3 mo. ago
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