Joe Pas
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Sales roles

Joe believes even the smallest act can drastically improve someone's life. Drawing from a wealth of experience ranging from teaching music in Detroit to chopping down trees in South Dakota, Joe’s work is people-focused and consistently among the best. Whether he’s writing an article, making a sale, or coming up with another great idea, you can count on Joe to deliver consistent, high-quality, and unusually empathetic work.

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Work Experience

ClickList: All Positions--Kroger

1 year

Front Desk Associate--Log Cabin Resort

6 months

Customer Service Representative--Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care

1 year
Personality Type


Prefer to have the ball in their court. Drives initiatives and processes to close deals. Ability to connect with many people and maintain relationships at scale.

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I am very impressed by your meme type about me video. Can we chat soon? I want to ask your advice.

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The best hires are
making Crash profiles.

Resumes are boring. Show your stuff.

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