Hey there, I'm Joey Wickham

There's nothing better than creating value for good people.


I will do whatever it takes to accomplish goals and get work done. I spent a year living in a cabin with no electricity in order to learn about remote missions. In one month I went from knowing nothing about sales to creating a 5-part podcast series talking to professionals in sales. Quick learning, adaptability, competitive nature, and passion to create value for others has put me in a perfect spot to be able to grow and thrive in a sales role. People are my passion and pairing them with opportunity is my goal.

Personality Type
Easily adapts to situations and challenges. Connects the right people to the best products and tools that get them closer to their goals.
Austin, TX


Independent Contractor - R&R Construction
1 year
Expo - Wobbly Boots Roadhouse
6 months
Account Manager - Vital Interaction
3 months
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