Justin Harris
Interested in Intermediate Marketing & Intermediate Operations roles
I’m a creative who loves telling stories. I’d love the chance to prove myself with your brand.

Work Experience

Creative Director - visionary

> 5 years

Team Lead - The VOID

3 months

Team Lead - Target Open House

6 months
Personality Type


Easily adapts to situations and challenges. Connects the right people to the best products and tools that get them closer to their goals.

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Awesome profile Justin! Your communication skill and energy shine through.

2 mo. ago

Thanks, Isacc. I love the work you're doing at Crash!

6 day ago

Hey, Justin! Super excited to see you on Crash–your work is awesome. Found a role that might be a cool fit for you: a content marketing/coordinating role.

2 mo. ago

Hey, Morgan! Your work is awesome too!! I appreciate you for suggesting the Content Marketing/Coordinator role at HomeLight.

6 day ago

Hey, Justin. I love your profile. I watched your TED Talk, which is truly inspiring. You are a rockstar. Say I found a position for you at a company called Notion. It is right up your alley. https://www.notion.so/Work-at-...aeb157238a4603a2964b28c646f07f

1 mo. ago

James, 👋🏾high five for watching my TEDxTalk! I'm a big fan of Notion. I applied for a Community + Support role a while ago but never heard back. I'll follow up with them this week now that they're on my radar again. Thanks!

6 day ago
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