Hey there, I'm Justin Walter

I want to help your business grow, and I am willing to go above and beyond to turn your greatest ambitions into a reality. Let's work together to help you develop your dream project.


Hey, I’m Justin! After I graduated high school early, I took on a number of projects, including launching my own specialty coffee brand. I created my own branding, built a website, ran ads on Google, and experimented with Instagram giveaways and other ways to build engagement. Working as an assistant warehouse manager, business owner, and dining attendant has helped me develop great skills in customer service, organization, and problem-solving. I'm always working on developing new skills and creating value for those around me. I’m looking for sales and marketing roles, and I’m excited to join your team!

What I will do for your company:

  • Persist even in the face of rejection
  • Exceed quotas
  • Strive to improve daily
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Crush the Start-up hustle
Personality Type
Aligns the big picture vision with concrete resources and next steps. Great at prioritizing what to do next. Finds a way to make things work.
Willing to relocate anywhere in United States


Assistant Warehouse Manager
1 year
As an Assistant Warehouse Manager for R.S. Hughes Co, I am responsible for maintaining and controlling all warehouse happenings within this business. Starting with receiving incoming freight and moving on to order puling and shipping management, I manage and oversee every step in the process from beginning to end. Additionally, I am responsible for helping and training any new employee onboarding.
Tag Scanner - Living Spaces
3 months
I started working at Living Spaces Furniture as an Off-Loader and after just one month I was promoted to Tag-Sanner as a Team Lead. My responsibilities included managing configuration and organization of incoming inventory, as well as data entry and cycle counting to ensure inventory accuracy. I often volunteered to work overtime when we had larger numbers to reach and complete cleanliness tasks.
Dining Attendant - John's Incredible Pizza
1 year
My experience working as a Dining Attendant for Johns Incredible Pizza was genuinely enjoyable. My responsibilities consisted of communicating with guests to guarantee satisfaction as well as maintaining cleanliness to keep a comfortable environment. I loved conversing and helping guests have a pleasurable experience. I tried to make their day just a little bit easier, and in the end, that was very gratifying. I learned excellent customer service skills, as well as team leadership and communication skills.


How I Started an Online Specialty Coffee Brand

Throughout the month of August, I developed the foundation of an online specialty coffee brand. I gained experience in marketplace observation, creative design, Google Advertising, sales copy, and Social Media Marketing.

I Created a Google Ads Blog Post Series to Teach Beginners

I ran a couple of Google Ad campaigns to gain traction to my website for The Beany Brew. In this series of blog posts, I explain how someone can get started with Google Ads. I go through everything from setting up an account to creating a campaign.

I Built a Second Brain to Maximize my Creative Output

I took Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course, an idea management system built to enhance productivity, creative output, project management, and workflow. After completing the course, I feel much more productive, organized, and confident in my ability to complete things of higher quality.

I Spent a Week Learning Exactly What it Takes to be Successful in Sales

I interviewed a professional in the field, learned what the role entails, and absorbed everything that I could to figure out how I can succeed in a future sales role.

What I Learned From 30 Days of Writing

Public education ruined my viewpoint on writing but after publishing a blog post every day for a month, I’ve found a new way to look at this extremely valuable skill.

My Experience Drop-Shipping on Shopify

I started my first e-commerce business at the age of 18. This consisted of vigorous product research, directing traffic through an efficient ad funnel, store creation/optimization, testing and scaling Facebook ad campaigns, and much more.

Looking for a job?
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