Hey there, I'm Kasen Wysong

Willing to run through a brick wall to get the job done. Extreme ownership.


I have a keen entrepreneurial streak, a growth mindset, and professional experience in Customer Success and Marketing. If I could describe myself with three words, they would be: 1. Competent 2. Confident 3. Empathetic

Personality Type
Aligns the big picture vision with concrete resources and next steps. Great at prioritizing what to do next. Finds a way to make things work.
Charleston, SC, or remote


Customer Success and Support - Questis, Inc.
1 year
- Managed partners (including enterprise-level accounts) with ARR between $30,000-$100,000 at a B2B SaaS company; sole ownership of 7 accounts, shared servicing for 23 total (100% retention) - Led online training sessions and demos to improve partner utilization and adoption rates, as well as weekly calls for check-ins, feedback, and strategy consultation - Restructured, updated, and expanded the Help Center (123 support articles total, using Zendesk) and created a Customer Success Guidebook (for internal use) - Filled out analytical reports for partners to help drive renewal business; reported on metrics like registration and account aggregation - Increased total solved support tickets (from prior 10 months) by 26% after first 2 months as a support member
Sales and Marketing Associate - Questis, Inc.
1 year
- Managed leads; created and implemented lead qualification process that increased the MoM growth rate by 7% (over 12-month period) - Conducted industry-wide research and high-level outreach - Led 3 email campaigns and averaged a 43% open rate and 8% click rate - Created: standardized RFP templates; company's first Lead Pipeline Guidebook and Sales Pipeline Guidebook; content like blog posts, demos, social media posts - Salesforce Administrator: managed over 300 opportunities and over 2,000 accounts; built 10+ dashboards depicting pipeline statistics; generated analytical reports for Executive, Sales, and Marketing teams
Accounting Intern - Charleston County Aviation Authority
3 months
- Internship counted towards college credit for Fall Semester 2017 - Worked in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable; reconciled bank statements and logged remittance reports; balanced credit card payments and filed CRM reports
Founder - Moufflet
6 months
- Started a profitable on-campus muffin delivery business that brought muffins to dorm rooms on Saturdays. Experience in logistics, accounting, and leadership.


Lead and Sales Pipeline and Process Docs

Lead Manager, Sales Associate - creator of the documentation. · The Lead and Sales process docs described the workflows for inbound leads and outbound leads, as well as hand-offs between the teams, and other lead- or sales-related items.

*Cannot include a link for proprietary reasons.

Questis Podcast | Competitive Analysis

I made a deck illustrating the competitive landscape for Questis' potential podcast. This deck include a strategic roadmap.

Blog Post | Big Banks Battle For Customer Loyalty

This is a blog post I wrote. It explores the history and evolution of banking and how that ties in to modern financial wellness.

Questis Help Center

Customer Success Manager, Zendesk · LifeTime Income is the calculator in the wellness platform used to find expected retirement income, meaning the amount you will have per month after retirement. The Lifetime Income tab is located on the left sidebar in the platform. Updated old articles, created new articles.

AutoPilot Journeys

AutoPilot creates Journeys which are workflows (oftentimes email campaigns) that can connect the functionalities of apps like Salesforce and Slack.

Support Article: What is Lifetime Income?

I made this article to help users understand the retirement calculator in their financial wellness platform.

2018 Feature Highlights.mov

Marketing Associate, Camtasia Studio, Microsoft PowerPoint · This highlight reel was a tribute to our product team and a reminder to our customers of the value we provided over the 2018 year. It was a visible reflection of our platform's improvements.

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Watch me prove it!
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