Hey there, I'm Kevin McDermott

Proven SDR looking for his next career challenge.


When I can brighten up someone's day, it makes mine so much better.

I genuinely believe the world is filled with endless amounts of opportunities to help others while helping yourself.

Sales make me tick; it's what makes the world grow into something we can't even imagine yet.

To me, entrepreneurship and sales are the reason why humans can live better, safer, easier, and more meaningful lives.

Without sales, nothing new would ever emerge.

I know everything from lead generation to closing. I love talking on the phone, and I write stellar sales copy. I know how to sell tech to people who have no interest in technology by making it meaningful to them.

If you are looking for someone who has a deep passion for this profession and has proven he does it successfully, let's hop on a call.

We can discuss how I can boost revenue, and I would love to hear how your team is making a difference in the world.

Book a time to chat with me here: https://calendly.com/mcdermottmichaelkevin/meeting-with-kevin

Personality Type
Overcomes all obstacles that prevent the completion of a task, process, or goal. Focuses intently on the finish line.
Chicago, IL, or remote


Partnerships Associate at Pearachute
6 months
Pearachute is an app and website parents use to find kid's activities and family-fun. I gain inventory for our platform by connecting with business owners and marketing leaders. I take charge of the entire sales process — lead generation, outreach, to close. I've been able to close over 100 accounts in this short amount of time; this includes small businesses and large franchises.
Modell's Sporting Goods-Sales
2 years
Starting as a sales associate, I was promoted to Head Cashier, and then the Sports Department Manager. This role sparked my untested in sales as I loved assisting others in making the right decision when it came to their sporting good needs. The key was to know our products inside and out, so I knew exactly what our customers where looking for.
Senior Beach Lifeguard
During my time at the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol, I was responsible for a mile radius of beach goers and swimmers. Outside of watching over the beach patrons, I trained rookie lifeguards on proper life-saving techniques and ran camps for our junior lifeguard program. In my six years, I never had a single complaint from a job that receives them daily.


Sales Methodology Video Presentations

During October, I embarked on a portfolio project. The goal was to have 12 video presentations going over different sales methodologies. I took on this project to showcase that I have a strong desire for a sales career, I can gain an understanding of things quickly, and to improve my screen presence…

Leaving Great Voicemails

In today's sales world, leaving great voicemails is the key to gaining more meetings.

RankPeek Example Sales Funnel

RankPeek is a software that turns consumer reviews from 500+ retailers into actionable insights for brands. They work with companies like Fitbit and Microsoft! In this post, I break down how I would walk website prospects through a sales funnel. This is a surface level example of how I’d interact wi…

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