Kyle Larson
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Marketing roles
I’m excited and ready to take on any grunt work in an operations or marketing role to sharpen my creativity.

Hey there, I’m Kyle! With my background in corporate event planning, I’ve perfected my ability to pull people together and improve any process on the spot. I’ve created promotional content for a number of diverse companies, I’ve written and created content for over thirty days in a row, taught myself video editing skills, and editing programs Adobe Photoshop and Canva. I’m obsessed with learning new skills, understanding brands through content creation, and connecting with customers. I’d excel in any number of community facing and operational roles. Let’s talk more about what I can do for your company!

Excited to relocate anywhere in the world
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Work Experience

Office Assistant - Grass Worx

2 years

Cashier - Kwik Trip

1 year

Shift Manager - Culver's

6 months

Tech Stack

Personality Type


Excellent research capabilities. Uses tools, systems, and processes to understand people and situations.

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Learn more: https://crash.co/discover/result/18ada23a-d991-47b7-8bb0-c32b52f3a2e3



Hey, Kyle! Here are a few jobs you might like! One's an Operations Specialist position in San Francisco for someone who has experience in a customer-facing position, the ability to explain technical processes to non-technical clients, and is adaptable and calm under pressure.

A few more cool ones might be this office manager position in Philadelphia and this Associate Podcast Producer/Operations-esque position at The Athletic.

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I not only love learning new things but I am also willing to learn anything I can to improve. This keeps me moving, helping me become an expert with any program or skill I learn.

I know that my skills and experience would be killer when paired with a Marketing, Operations, or Customer Success position.

Let's talk about what I will bring to your team! Comment and we can start our conversation here.

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