the crash course
job hunting 101

Learn to dominate your job hunt and get hired 10x faster.

You won’t find a course like this anywhere else on the Internet, because we don’t accept the status quo—and neither should you. It’s time to crash the party.
Why you should ditch your resume and never use it again
How focusing on a few companies beats applying to hundreds
What employers care about more than experience or degrees
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“I tried spray and pray for 2 months — 10 applications per week.
Started sending pitches and out of 7 pitches, I got 4 interviews and one job offer. Huge difference.

Maxine Cox, hired in 3 weeks

Experience isn’t the only determining factor in the hiring process. I’d rather have someone who’s hungry to learn, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and absorbs knowledge like a sponge.”

Nick Black, Founder & CEO, GoodUnited

Crash is built on 10+ years of helping job seekers

Isaac Morehouse has helped launch over 1,000 careers. He started Crash to share the secrets, mindsets, and tools that work on the job hunt. His passion and work in the trenches to help people discover and do what makes them come alive are reflected in the companies he’s built.

Prior to Crash, he founded Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program and college alternative. There, he helped people with no degree or experience win jobs that “required” both (using the same concepts in this course!).

He’s published hundreds of articles on taking charge of your life and career, as well as nine books including Crash Your Career: Ditch the Gatekeepers and Be Your Own Credential and Forward Tilt: An Almanac for Personal Growth.

He’s given talks and interviews all over the world and has been featured several times on national news segments talking about how to hack the job hunt and find work you love.

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What you’ll learn do*

*Experience is the best teacher. Implement your learnings from the course in real-time with our advanced job hunting tools—something no other course can offer you.



Pick a Career Path and Start Running!

Getting overwhelmed by options? Worried you’ll pigeon-hole yourself in something you don’t enjoy?

Learn to weigh your opportunities, pick a direction that works for you, and start building a career in




Prove Your Ability to Create Value

Can’t seem to get interviews or offers? Told you don’t have enough experience, you need an internship first? Still trying to optimize your resume for the right keywords?? 

Learn to build a body of work that makes people forget about your age or lack of relevant experience, degree, certification, [insert other credential]. Create your own degree from



Discover Hidden Jobs & Opportunities

Still scrolling job boards and posting your resume? Don’t know where else to find great roles at interesting companies?

Learn where to find the best jobs before they ever get posted to job boards like

LinkedIn • glassdoor • indeed • ZipRecruiter • careerJET • AngelList




Sick of countless boring job application forms? Still blasting your resume to dozens of companies in the hopes that someone will contact you?

Learn why 1-Click Apply is ruining your chances, how to convincingly pitch decision-makers, and win the chance to prove yourself on the job with custom Crash video pitches.



Seal the Deal & Win Full-Time

Eager to prove yourself? Ready to absolutely blow away your new team and get that official full-time offer?

Learn how to deliver value again and again, then to confidently ask for more responsibility—and money—from your leadership.

Ready to dominate your job hunt?

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For months I was struggling to fit my  experiences into a resume and it simply didn’t work. With Crash, I was able to go from pitch to interview to offer within 24 hours. It felt like magic.”

George Garcia, hired in 24 hours!!

You don’t have the experience and qualifications for this role, but your pitch and profile are so strong and show you're a hustler, so we’re going to give you a shot anyway!

Anonymous hiring manager, emailed to a Crasher

the crash course
job hunting 101

Time to dominate your job hunt and get hired 10x faster.

🔒 Unlock the Full Course

This is the best $120 investment you can possibly make into your career. If the price seems steep, compare it to:

5 months of seeing who looked at your LinkedIn profile and wondering if InMail works
Buying a professionally written, keyword-optimized resume that just gets lost in the pile
Other job hunting courses more focused on busy work than helping you find work

Not sure if it’s for you?

Get our free 5-day series “The Power of Pitching” to sample what you’ll learn in the course.
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