Lee Poettcker
Interested in Entry level Operations & Entry level Sales roles
Problem solver with people skills leaving engineering to help grow an awesome startup.

What's an engineer doing trying to start over with a start up?

Over the last year, I have become really excited about startups and how they find new ways of creating value and scale them up to change the world. During that time, I learned about operations and sales, started a blog, built no-code tools and posted projects online.

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Now, I'm super excited to take the next step and apply this new interest with the problem solving, project management and client skills I've used as an engineer to help build out the operations or sales of an awesome startup.

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Remote or Canada

Work Experience

Civil Engineer - Associated Engineering

> 5 years
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Collects data and information from all possible angles. Highly analytical and uses data to inform all their insights. Sees connections no one else sees.

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Hey! Thanks for checking out my Crash profile. Feel free to share it. If you have a job posting suggestion, feedback or a good joke, please post below.

21 day ago

Awesome to see you taking a bold leap from Engineering!

20 day ago

This is an awesome profile. I love seeing all this proof and work.

20 day ago

Your profile rocks. Love the billing workflow project and your tech stack elements. Nicely done, Lee.

Edited 19 day ago

Sacha Walser

Love this profile Lee! I like the diversity in your portfolio. It is giving me ideas for my own. Thank you!

20 day ago

Thanks for the feedback Sacha and everyone above!

19 day ago
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