Hey there, I'm Lena Wang

A Jill of all trades continually learning new skills and looking for ways to improve processes.


Hi, I’m Lena! I excel at making improvements to processes and figuring out the best way to streamline a system (like my training manual for British Swim School!). I have public speaking experience, including a speech for a crowd of 100+ people! My ability to learn new skills quickly, communicate effectively, and fix pain points in processes has brought me to turn hurdles into solutions for you. Let’s talk more about how my initiative and skills can be an asset to your operations team.

Develops transformational new ideas and has the courage to stick to them in the face of doubt. Has the ability to dream things into reality.
Operations Associate - Zcash Foundation
3 months

Responsibilities in no particular order

  • Run payroll through Gusto
  • Document processes specific to the role and add to the training manual
  • Run payments through Silicon Valley Bank
  • Be mindful of privacy
  • Process mail in Parcel Plus
  • Document reimbursements in Google Sheets and process them through Gusto
  • Processing expenses in QuickBooks
  • Maintain Airtable database
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) all research grant recipients and new employees
  • Learn Excel/Google Sheets
  • Check shared inbox for important emails
  • Plan company retreat
Supervisor - British Swim School
2 years


  • Open and close assigned locations
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Train new hires
  • Ensure a safe environment by enforcing rules
  • Respond to emergencies with the proper code guidelines
  • Provide information to parents interested in enrolling their children
  • Take the initiative
  • Learn the JackRabbit management software
  • Having fun with the kids!
Social Media Marketing - British Swim School
6 months


  • Manage all the social media accounts
  • Post promotions on Facebook and Instagram to increase enrollment
  • Poolside photoshoots for Instagram
  • Create monthly emails
  • Write blogposts
  • Research effective marketing techniques
Delivery Driver - Postmates
1 year

Gig economy food delivery service.

  • Attention to detail and ensure that the order is correct
  • Self-management and ability to work without supervision
  • Order and pick up food on behalf of the customer
  • Pick up groceries
  • Be courteous and polite
  • Communicate any problems with the customer
  • Time management
Tutor - Ed U World Tutors
1 year

As a tutor, I discovered that students struggle in their classes not because they don’t understand the material they’re learning but factors such as:

  • Too much social media
  • Not staying organized
  • Feeling stressed and demotivated

I took my role as a tutor seriously and I offered advice such as:

  • Plans after high school
  • College and career recommendations
  • How to stay organized with a planner
  • Learning to cope with stress
  • Provide support for students going through family hardships
Sales Associate - Brooks Brothers
1 year


  • Provide a personalized shopping service to customers
  • Assist customers in finding their unique style
  • Measured their dress shirt size
  • Patience and ability to work under pressure
  • Sell clothes
  • Sell credit cards to American residents
  • Provide basic Mandarin translation services
  • Keep up-to-date on trends
  • Learn how to dress men and women professionally
Customer Service Training Manual for British Swim School

I created a training manual for the JackRabbit class management system to simplify training and maintain consistent customer service.

How to Create a Customer Service Training Manual

A written training manual sets the expectations and guidelines for any role. Every highly successful business, like Disney World, relies on consistent and thorough training.

How to Create Inbound Leads in HubSpot

A short and simple tutorial on how to create inbound leads in HubSpot.

10 Ways to Clean Data in Excel

A simple step-by-step guide on ten different ways to clean data in Excel.

Adulting 101: 6 Easy Things Millennials Can Do to Save Money

This is an example of my copywriting and written communication skills that was published on FEE.org.

How I Overcome the Imposter Syndrome When Learning New Skills

“You are your own worst enemy.” Those nagging voices in the back of your head aren’t worthy of your time or energy. Here’s how to overcome imposter syndrome.

Communication Basics: My Appearance on A Neighbor’s Choice Radio

This was an amazing opportunity and I have David Gornoski to thank for bringing me onto his show, A Neighbor’s Choice Radio on 93.1 FM. I discussed higher education alternatives.