Lucas Bagno
Interested in Intermediate Sales & Intermediate Operations roles
I want to help build the generation-defining Fintech companies of the future.

I am incredibly passionate about Fintech startups using software to provide customers high-quality user experiences and going against stubborn, entrenched, and old-fashioned incumbents. In such a startup, I would like to:

  • Build channel partnerships with other tech startups in different sectors to create bundled benefits
  • Develop relationships with top tier accelerators in and outside of the Bay Area to increase top of funnel conversion
  • Leverage the hundreds of relationships with VCs and angel investors I've built over the years to bring consistently bring in new customers
  • Analyze different distribution mechanisms to find opportunity gaps instead of going head-to-head with competition
San Francisco, CA

Work Experience

Associate, Tech Strategy Team - Strategy& (Booz & Company)

6 months

  • Led research and data analysis to develop a new digital operating model for a $30B legacy Bay Area technology client
  • Conducted thorough internal operational analysis and developed a new global purchase ordering and approval process for a large technology company

Business Development and Customer Success - Kipsu

1 year

  • Worked alongside Founder and CTO on the development of an international expansion strategy for the company. The firm’s revenue run rate grew 4x during this period. Headcount also expanded from about 15 to 60+
  • Supported customer onboarding and provided insights to team members using several software platforms

Co-founder - Noveus Capital

6 months

  • Invested over $500K in several early-stage deals alongside investors such as Founders Fund, Floodgate, YC, and others

  • Built strong network of angel investors and grew syndicate to 300+ backers in 3 months

Investment Team - Great North Labs

6 months

  • Worked alongside general partners of a $25M Midwest-focused VC in the review and investment process of 10+ early-stage deals
  • Led the due diligence and investment of $1.5M in the Series A1 of Dispatch, a B2B last-mile delivery startup

Managing Partner - Atland Ventures

2 years

  • Launched the fund and raised over $1M from 15+ LPs. Atland is the first student VC in the country in which students are owners and general partners in an independent firm, and get a carry over investments. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, American Inno, and other reputable outlets
  • Oversaw the creation of the team, development of the investment process, and the review and sourcing of 450+ deals
  • Invested in 5 early-stage startups across the country alongside investors such as Accel, 500 Startups, Social Leverage, and others

Credit Analyst - Carlson Funds Enterprise

1 year

  • Developed strategic recommendations, built financial models, performed due-diligence, and pitched investments to the Oversight Committee of a $19M fixed-income fund

Summer Associate, Management Consulting - PwC

6 months

  • Analyzed and collected financial data for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company to implement an international transfer pricing effort using the company’s ERP and other information systems resources
  • Used platforms such as R Studio, Tableau, and Alteryx to provide financial insights to a large client in the online education market
  • Worked with a large banking client on Wall Street in a finance operations effort to comply with new FINRA regulations

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Visual Studio


Personality Type


Distributes helpful, persuasive information as widely as possible. Can naturally deliver several messages from multiple angles to see what works best.

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