I am a determined and outgoing software developer that has a background in sales and working remotely.

I am excited to contribute to community growth and success through programming and development; creating a cycle that will promote learning, application and sharing of information, enhancing the experience for all users.

Class with Chris

Simple site that will eventually allow users to share learning content.

Dice Game

Simple dice game. First player to 20 points wins.

Freelance web developer
6 months

Work with clients to design and build apps with html, React, & JavaScript.

Research, document, and learn new technologies as needed for projects.

Integrate data from various services and databases.

Utilize AWS, Netlify, and Heroku for various application needs.

Cooperate with others to ensure product meets all expectations and deadlines

Robert is a fantastic employee and experienced. He is a hunter, a person that brings value to the organization that he works. His soft skills, his will to get new clients, not giving up characterize him. Vparagon wishes Robert all success in his future endeavors.

Alexios Valassidis