Maxine Cox
Interested in Entry level Software Engineering & Entry level Operations roles
Passionate data analyst. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but I think some of the most fantastic stories are found in real life data.

I'm a data analyst. So far in my career, I've utilized my inquisitiveness to find answers to questions quickly in customer support representative and freelance research.

I graduated from Praxis in December of 2018, and continued to forge my own path of education.

I just completed Thinkful's data analytics bootcamp and I'm looking looking for a role at an awesome company where I can use my new skills.

  • Excellent communication skills from background in customer success
  • Resourceful, hacker mindset for problem solving and learning new skills
  • Ability to use various tools to conduct exploratory data analysis
  • Ability to conduct statistical tests to extract real world insights from data, like in A/B testing
  • Self-starter capable of adapting to meet fast-paced and changing business needs
  • Energetic team player. You'll never hear the words "that's not my job" out my mouth.
Atlanta, GA

Work Experience

Freelance Writer

2 years

  • I take various jobs doing copy-writing, administrative and data entry work. Over the two years that I've been freelancing, I have consistently received high praise from clients.
  • For an example of my writing work, checkout the recent show notes on the Data Journeys podcast, where I have written show notes and done preliminary guest research starting at episode 19:

Customer Success Specialist at PandaDoc

1 year

I provided technical support for PandaDoc core product, integrations, email deliverability through email, live chat, and phone support.

  • Maintained a quick response time in determining and providing solutions to customer concerns through email, phone and chat support.
  • Became a go-to member of the team for helping clients use the PandaDoc CSS editor.
  • Maintained a 93%+ Customer Satisfaction Score throughout my tenure in the role.
  • As a founding member of the St. Petersburg office, I helped shape the company culture and keep the office running.

Personality Type


Bridges the gap between vision and execution. The one people turn to when they need something done and don’t know how to make it happen.

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Awesome to see someone with great customer experience and communication skills going the data analytics route!

Powerful combo of skillsets.

1 mo. ago

Thanks, Isaac!

1 mo. ago
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