Hey there, I'm Michael Vargas

The years of customer service has given me a keen eye for detail and how to respond to customer needs.


From helping contractors as a teenager working in the lumber yard to closing deals in different sales positions, making sure the customer is satisfied has always been my goal.

Overcomes all obstacles that prevent the completion of a task, process, or goal. Focuses intently on the finish line.
Los Angeles, CA
Fitness Counsler - EOS Fitness
3 months

Helped enroll over 200 new gym members myself during the pre-sale of our gym opening and after it opened.

Sales Rep - UFC GYM
2 years

Known for my excellent relationship building and face to face sales of club membership

  • Facilitated club tours and demonstrations to assist guests in developing effective plans to meet guests’ fitness goals
  • Optimized guest interactions by consistently sharing all training packages and membership options, resulting in an increase of gross revenue month over month
  • Coordinate with other local business to establish community support and marketing strategies for Club promotions and events
  • Responsible for employee onboarding
Project Manager Assistant - Modern Home and Investments
1 year
  • Residential repairs, demolition, landscaping
  • Assist in making sure projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Commercial property maintenance
Manager - Havana House Cigars and Lounge

Supervised a team of 10-12 employees while performing daily inventory including but not limited to ordering stock for cigars and alcohol

  • Created special events with bands and DJ’s including all marketing for each event which resulted in an increase of revenue
  • Extensive product knowledge. Work with my staff on drink recipe development and created new menu items
  • Excelled in the fast paced environment, and known for my multi-tasking, quick thinking and paying attention to details including memorizing over 100 different drink recipes, cigar descriptions and beer and wine options

Here is the latest version of my resume. I used Canva to help create it.

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