Hey there... I'm Michelle Slotter

SDR for Hire, looking to join an innovative & goal-driven software sales team


It's amazing how so many different types of careers can tie together and lead to something seemingly so different than what was originally planned, but that's where I am today. In my younger years, I had planned to follow in my father's footsteps and create a successful career in Food & Beverage Management, but quickly found I was meant to forge my own path. After gaining experience in such broad fields as a nanny/household manager to consulting as a virtual assistant to eventually owning my own small tech consulting LLC, I found that my path has lead me to my true calling: SDR. Naturally.

What do all these seemingly disconnected careers have in common? I am a natural at helping others find solutions to making parts of their lives easier. This means that I am always learning. Always growing. And always staying humble so that I am open to the new. But don't just trust my word... ask my mentor Thomas over at Prehired... he'll give you the skinny on just what bringing me onto your team can mean for the big picture!

My outlook on life (both professional & personal) is simply this: you can pretty much achieve anything you desire if you have enough of the Five C's: Clarity, Courage, Creativity, Coachability, and Coffee.

It should also be known: I have never lost a round of Bananagrams.

Certified Science-Based Sales® Pro by PreHired
3 months

Researched and replicated sales systems from preHIRED’s Science-Based Sales® methodology.

From my preHIRED mentors, I learned sales methodologies, tools, skills, and workflows to be at the top 5% of sales performers.

• Researched & replicated sales systems from preHIRED's Science-Based Sales® methodology. • Prospected- to generate high quantity & quality of sales leads. • Qualified - to ensure alignment between buyer and seller. • Discovered - to dive deep into goals, challenges, and solutions. • Advised- to uncover value/insight, create urgency, remove barriers, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller. • Science-Based Sales® messaging for calls, meetings/demo calls, social media, and emails. • Trained on many of the top CRMs, lead generation, sales automation, and productivity tools: Outreach, Interseller, Hubspot, Seamless.io, Hunter, & many more!

Operations Manager with CVS Health
1 year

Oversee operations and sales force to maximize sustained profitability. Analyze store performance indicators against CVS Health business strategies and goals by developing plans that improve business.

Independent Virtual Assistant

Specialized in graphics creation, Word Press publishing, paid search SEO, social media marketing and content creation, ghost writing, editing, scheduling, organization of client calendars, and stringent record-keeping.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Thank you for your consideration for this role! Please schedule 15 minutes with me to find out if we're a great match.