Science-Based Sales® Member. SDR for hire, looking to join an awesome software sales team.

I have been employed across many different fields and engaged with many different people. I thrive at building relationships, organizing and qualifying leads, and presenting solutions that are thoughtfully and carefully researched. I always do my best to create clarity, tailor-made options for each unique individual. I desire to lead and build up a team, which I have been doing as a bandleader and manager of the Westwind Swing Band for the last 6 years.

Throughout my adult life, I have worn many different hats, from a union trade worker to a professional musician. With 5 years of customer service experience, I have found that helping people along the client's process brings me a lot of pride in my work. It's not just about meeting a quota, it's really about making sure the solution to the client's problem has clarity and meets their specific needs. Technology/software sales has always been something that I've wanted to work a career in and with my recent Sales Development Representative training, I have been equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and experience to be a top performing salesman. My skills have been refined to be successful and tenacious. Thus, I am confident that I will meet and exceed the goals asked of me. During the next few years, I hope to grow the sales of the company, lead a sales team, and inspire new SDR's to come.

When I am not focused on technology sales, I like to spend time with my family and furthering my education. I am a lifetime musician that knows how to play 6 instruments expertly, especially in jazz. I also enjoy founding and leading bands for the entertainment of the public. I am excited to build a relationship with you.

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