Molly McKinney
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Customer Success roles
I'll help your remote team find your ideal prospects and craft the right message to them to keep them around.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I've managed websites, written marketing copy for both the web and email, driven clients' site traffic up by over 40% and organized a private LGBTQ lending library for a nonprofit.

I have a relentless passion for helping great mission-driven teams achieve their goals through effective marketing and optimizing for user experience.

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Remote only

Work Experience

Front Desk Receptionist

2 years

Learned to assist customers with care and empathy, share the best resources based on common problems and knowledge of program availability and be flexible about what each customer will need assistance with.

Data Entry Clerk

1 year

Through creating invoices and processing payments in Quickbooks, I've learned to be highly organized, detail-orientated and produce work free of errors quickly.

Volunteer Project Manager

3 years

Learned the importance of taking on projects before I'm "ready" and how to change marketing materials (website, email, etc.) based on customer feedback and behavior.

Digital Marketing Intern

3 months

Learning the ins and outs of driving traffic and conversions for a small business through SEO optimization, web copywriting, refreshing old content and posting on social media.


Site Audit Analysis Findings and Recommendations

An audit of a website's copywriting, SEO and user experience with the goal of sending a clear message to users and increasing conversions.


Lessons From My 3-Year Volunteer Project

I organized a lending library for over 2.5 years. Here's what I've learned about passion, responsibility, project management and the importance of customer feedback.


Email Autoresponder Series

Email autoresponder series for two products designed to move prospects to customers and customers to loyal fans.


What I Learned From Blogging for 30 days - Molly McKinney

I blogged about email marketing for 30 days. Here's what I learned about marketing and about myself.


Landing Page for Spotify Premium

I created a sample landing page for one of my favorite products: Spotify Premium. Check it out and my video where I explain what makes a great landing page.


How To Write Great Email Copy Quickly

My guide to producing high-quality emails quickly. Featured in the Medium publication, The Startup.


Personality Type


Takes apart problems and finds ways to make things work. Great at finding solutions others miss. Understands the parts and can build a better whole.

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Hello, hello! I'm ready for the next awesome phase in my life and ready to help a great company grow remotely. I'd love some feedback on my profile, questions you have about me or my profile, or any job recommendations you think I'd be a great fit for. I appreciate any and all feedback!

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