Morgan Von Gunten
Interested in Entry level Marketing & Entry level Design roles
Currently doing content-creation and marketing at Crash. I turn systems into stories.

Work Experience

Content Creator and Community Manager at Crash

6 months

Media and Communications Intern at Christ Community Chapel

3 months

Team Member at Chick-fil-A

3 months
Personality Type


Thinks and communicates in a narrative style and has the ability to captivate an audience. Has a way of getting others to see themselves as heroes.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by my Crash profile. Feel free to check out my work, say hi here in the comments, or ask questions about writing, job hunting, or Crash. Or, best yet: go create your own profile and launch it on the homepage ( It's worth it.

1 mo. ago

Hey Morgan great profile... very curious where you will end up!

11 day ago
The best hires are
making Crash profiles.

Resumes are boring. Show your stuff.

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