Hey there, I'm Morgan Von Gunten

Building a no-code e-commerce business to help people plot stories.


Hey, I'm Morgan. I use words, video, and design to tell stories that are good, beautiful, and true. I'm turning a side project into a business to support my writing.

  • I've always been making something (right now, I'm building a business with no-code tools)
  • I'm learning marketing by doing
  • I try to write daily
  • I landed an entry-level role at Crash without experience by being excited about the mission, staying fast on emails, and showing my work
  • Slightly obsessed with Norway and taking action on ideas

I'd love to meet you—drop a note in the comments below!

Personality Type
Takes apart problems and finds ways to make things work. Great at finding solutions others miss. Understands the parts and can build a better whole.
Austin, TX, or remote


Editor and Content Manager at Crash
1 year
I started as a content creator and community manager apprentice. Now, I'm honored to be the editor and content manager at Crash. I run our social media, manage our editorial calendar and make sure content goes out every day on the blog, create Webflow landing pages, and more.
Media and Communications Intern at Christ Community Chapel
3 months
As part of the media team, I directed multiple livestream shows; ran broadcast cameras during weekend services and events–including an RZIM conference and Lecrae concert–produced sports highlight videos; edited and manned lyric slides; and switched livestream video. During the week, I'd write and edit copy for the communications team–which went out on social media, their website, and bulletins–and create targeted emails for upcoming events.
Team Member at Chick-fil-A
3 months
I spent a summer working full-time at my local Chick-fil-A. I quickly became one of the fastest employees on the drive-through window and was known for happily organizing equipment and condiments, building relationships with guests, and keeping a smile on my face even when things got tough. I was always willing to do any task assigned to me, and before I left, my manager told me I'd always have a job there if I needed it–she wouldn't hesitate to hire me again.


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You Can Blog.

I did it. I published something every day for a month. It was hard, but it was good. Here’s what I’d share with anyone about to blog.

Study of a Landing Page

Landing pages are fantastic ways to get people interested in an idea or product. But you’ve got to sell quick. So how do you get one to work?

How to Be a Writer

Five simple steps anyone can take to become a writer. Hint: you've just got to write. On something. Anything. Just write.

The Book

A realistic-futuristic novel about a seventeen-year-old foster kid in New York of 2034. Explores the future of immigration. Currently almost 500k words.

Designing a Site for Aceable | A Value Proposition

I want to see more people driving with Aceable. And I believe an updated website would help you do that. So I made you one.

How I Edit

Editing what you write is always important, no matter what. Even if it’s a short blog post, making sure it’s as good as possible makes a huge difference in how people respond to your work.

The Grammar Dictionary

This is a minimalist, to-the-point grammar site, where everything you learn takes less than five minutes. Created to help you write well.

My Blog

A place where I write. Documentation on what it's like working at a startup, short stories, updates, projects, thoughts on writing, and more.

Two-week content calendar

This is a content calendar I created just for Culdesac—it's got two week's worth of content ideas that I'd love to take action on!

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